Badland Bride

Author: Lauri Robinson

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Release Date: November 6, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Lila Scott is a modern woman in every sense.  A fiercely independent college student studying computers, she is grateful for modern conveniences such as cars and indoor plumbing. After a brutal attack, she discovers she is pregnant and she expands that list to include medical care for expectant mothers and infants.  When her attacker returns and is intent on causing more harm, she barely escapes by crawling through a tunnel, only to find herself transported to 1882 Kansas.  With the collapse of the tunnel, she must acclimate herself to the era until it can be re-made.  Luckily, Skeeter Quinter, the man she found just outside the cave, is willing to help.  When Skeeter’s mother, Stephanie “Ma” Quinter discovers that Lila is pregnant, Skeeter and Lila find themselves at the end of Ma’s double barreled shotgun being married.  The more time she spends with Skeeter, Lila cannot help but love their life.  Will she be able to convince him to return to the future with her?

Skeeter thought the peyote buttons he tried turned him into a ghost forever.  While he enjoys seeing what he can of the future, he’d much rather return to his life in 1882.  After helping Lila escape her attacker, his wish is granted when he awakens next to his campfire in the Kansas plains.  Because she helped him return to his life, he is determined to do the same for her, even if it means losing her.  However, after their shotgun marriage and building a life together it becomes increasingly more difficult, if not impossible, to imagine ending his and Lila’s relationship.  How can he convince her to stay though, when she holds her own modern world so dear? 


BADLAND BRIDE is romance at its finest.  Lila, Skeeter, and the entire Quinter family are so perfectly crafted in their individual roles and personal talents that every sentence of the novel touches the reader’s heart.  Robinson creates such a beautiful picture of the Old West that you cannot help but lose yourself in her descriptions of the lifestyle of the time, as well as learn a thing or two.  One of the most amazing aspects of BADLAND BRIDE is the care with which Robinson forms Lila and Skeeter’s love; the honesty and length of time it takes for their attachment to develop displays its authenticity.  So well crafted, too, are the stresses and difficulties of their relationship that you cannot help but empathize with their struggles, and will be compelled to continue reading to discover their resolutions.  BADLAND BRIDE is a great read you will thoroughly enjoy and want to pick up the others in the series!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Audrey Johnson

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