A Rogue’s Reward

Author: Jennifer Colgan

Publisher: Amber Quill

Release Date: 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Sheppard York is the youngest son of the Lord Governor of Tremont and while he is well aware that his father’s position makes him a target for disreputable individuals, he never thought that he’d find himself drugged, kidnapped and taken aboard the all female pirate ship Gabrielle as a prisoner.

Sheppard isn’t at all happy to find himself chained up in a damp cell aboard a ship.  He’d only had one drink so it’s not possible that he was intoxicated.  More than likely the barkeep drugged his drink.  While his situation is less than desirable he’s being ‘cared’ for by a young woman who doesn’t seem to behave as he’d expect a pirate to act.


Rhea Galant, is Captain Fallon’s young ward.  She’s been charged with taking care of Sheppard’s needs while he’s aboard the Gabrielle.  Rhea’s not very comfortable with the situation.  Her upbringing in a abbey instilled a gentle ladylike nature that she continues to live by despite the time she’s spent amongst the crew of the pirate ship. 


Rhea’s caring for Sheppard is supposed to last only until his father comes up with the ransom that Captain Fallon has demanded, only Sheppard’s father doesn’t appear to be too concerned with his son’s welfare.  Fortunately for Sheppard, Rhea’s feelings for him have grown and she can’t imagine life without him.  Despite the differences in their life paths, Rhea and Sheppard can’t help but give into their mutual attraction.  What will happen when their ‘romance’ is discovered and Captain Fallon decides that Sheppard is no longer ‘useful’ to her?


Pirates have long been the subject of fantasies but this is the first romance I’ve read where the crew of the pirate ship is entirely female.  A ROGUE’S REWARD by Jennifer Colgan is a historical novel that allows readers to feel like part of the crew and set off on an adventure along with Captain Fallon, Sheppard and Rhea – along with the rest of the crew.  I was particularly fascinated with Captain Fallon and have many questions about her – hopefully all those will be answered in the follow up story ROGUE’S REDEMPTION.  Sheppard and Rhea seem to ‘fit’ together so well that I really adored getting to know them and treasured their interactions – especially the way they consistently challenged each other. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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