A Rogue’s Redemption

Author: Jennifer Colgan

Publisher: Amber Quill

Release Date: November 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Pirate captain Fallon Robard commands an all woman crew aboard her beloved ship Gabrielle.  She’s a strong, well respected woman who loves the sea and her crew but she does have regrets and secrets that she’s zealously guarded.  Thanks to her decision to kidnap the youngest son of the Governor of Tremont for ransom and then abandon him on an island along with her young ward Rhea she’s about to get her comeuppance.

Jacob and Jon York are determined to exact revenge on Fallon for her treatment of Sheppard and Rhea and they’ve devised an ingenious idea to make her suffer for her misdeeds.  They’ve taken over her ship, ensured that her crew was safely put ashore with rations, and taken her as hostage.    Teaching Fallon a lesson is a huge priority but neither of them expected to be so attracted to her or to discover the vulnerable woman who lurked beneath the disreputable exterior she presents to the world.


To say Fallon is not pleased over Jacob and Jon’s ability to take over her ship without any trouble is an understatement.  Without actually seeing them, because of the burlap sack over her head, she assumes they’re either going to kill her or rape her.  She certainly doesn’t expect them to demand answers about her actions regarding Sheppard and Rhea.  She’d made sure that the couple had provisions when she left them on the island so learning that they’d died because of her decision to abandon them is devastating.  As if the whole situation isn’t already difficult enough, Jacob and Jon want to know what she did with the ransom she received for their brother.  Nobody seems to know where those funds disappeared to – and Fallon isn’t about to discuss it either.  Jacob discovers a shocking side of Fallon while he’s ransacking her quarters – one that he fully intends to investigate further.  Both brothers are developing a soft spot for Fallon and they provide something she desperately needs but she’s not delusional and knows that this relationship can’t last forever.


Jennifer Colgan follows up A ROGUE’S REWARD with A ROGUE’S REDEMPTION and much to my delight answered burning questions I had after reading the first book.  As a pirate you’d expect Fallon to be ‘hardened’ and callous and while she talks a good game, there’s a vulnerability to her that really surprised me.  Jon and Jacob may have started out on their mission against Fallon as an act of vengeance but they quickly realize that there’s more going on then they realize - they just need to figure out a way to get Fallon to reveal her secrets.  The relationship between these three characters isn’t an easy one by any means but that’s what makes it so fascinating to imagine.  If you’re thinking that Fallon is bad and she needed these men to ‘redeem’ her then you may just want to pick up a copy of this story because I really think she’s a sort of savior for the women of her crew.  Ms. Colgan more than fulfilled my expectations with this story and I really enjoyed getting to know Fallon better.  If you haven’t read A ROGUE’S REWARD yet then I’d highly suggest you do so first, as the events of that story trigger what happens in this one.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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