A Dangerous Man

Author: Janmarie Anello

Publisher: Zebra

Release Date: May 1, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Richard Wexton, the Duke of St. Austin, never thought he would ascend to the title, but now that he has, he takes his duties and responsibilities very seriously. To that end, he has become adept at avoiding situations with young ladies that might lead to marriage. What Richard didn’t anticipate was that his younger brother, while in his cups, would reveal a very guarded family secret and in the presence of a man with plans for his own daughter. Now Richard is finding out that being a Duke means putting the family’s reputation ahead of personal feelings.

Leah Jamison has always been a dutiful daughter to her father, even though she lost all respect and love for him years ago when he committed an act she can never forgive. When her father informs her that she is to wed the Duke of St. Austin in three days she knows there is more behind the marriage than her father and the Duke are telling her. Even though she loves another man and has plans of her own neither her father nor the Duke leave her any choice but to stand beside Richard at the altar and pledge her life to him.


Richard goes into his hasty marriage with revenge in his heart and mind. Leah goes into the marriage with a heavy heart, but with a willingness to make a place for herself in Richard’s life. Soon Richard finds that his inconvenient wife is filling a place in his soul that he hadn’t even realized was empty. Leah comes to realize that what she took for love with the young man she thought she wanted pales in comparison with the emotions Richard stirs in her.  As Richard and Leah draw closer together someone else watches with jealous eyes and plots to tear the new lovers apart.


A DANGEROUS MAN by Janmarie Anello is another emotionally charged romance filled with suspense and drama from this wonderful writer. Leah was a joy to watch as she grew as a person and I loved watching her find confidence in herself to fight for Richard’s love. Richard was a dark sexy hero and I enjoyed seeing him embrace his feelings and admit how much Leah meant to him. This book was filled with romance, love and the added spice of hidden enemies. I really loved this book and recommend this to everyone who enjoys their historical romances mixed with a touch of intrigue.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Char

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