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Juliana has spent thirteen years in the same teaching job. She’s ready to dive into a new career with both feet . . . when a run-in with the hottest man she’s ever seen knocks her head over heels. But with her failed marriage to a fellow teacher fresh on her mind, Jules can’t afford to lose herself in a relationship-no matter how perfect it may seem. Connor Wilson has hit rock bottom when he loses his career as a top-notch Realtor because of a large gambling debt. Now, in a small town he finds a fresh start-and a gorgeous redhead who sparks new life into him. Together they start a successful real estate company, but when pleasure sneaks into the business, they’ll have to decide what they can let go . . . and what they can’t live without.>>>Read Review


Never Forget Me by Marguerite Kaye

The Whisky Laird's Bed by Donna MacMeans

The Wickedest Lord Alive by Christina Brooke

Tricks of the Ton series, book 3 - How to Lose a Lord in 10 Days or Less by Elizabeth Michels

With This Ring - The Wicked Worthingtons series, Book 3 by Celeste Bradley

Her Highland Hero - The Highlanders series, book 6 by Terry Spear

The Captive - Captive Hearts series, book 1 by Grace Burrowes

The Secrets of a Scoundrel: Inferno Club, Book 7 by Gaelen Foley

Winning Miss Wakefield - Wallflower Wedding series, Book 2 by Vivienne Lorret

Wicked Temptation - Nemesis Unlimited, Book 3 by Zoe Archer

A Time for Scandal, book 1 - The Undoing of Daisy Edwards by Marguerite Kaye

A Time for Scandal, book 2 - The Awakening of Poppy Edwards by Marguerite Kaye

Bride of a Scottish Warrior by Adrienne Basso

To Marry A Scottish Laird by Lynsay Sands

Vixen in Velvet by Loretta Chase

The Secrets of a Scoundrel - Inferno Club series, Book 7 by Gaelen Foley

A Promise Of More: Disgraced Lords, Book 2 by Bronwen Evans

Lady Windermere's Lover by Miranda Neville

Book Club Belles Society, book 1 - Once Upon a Kiss by Jayne Fresina

Noble Destiny - Nobles series, book 2 by Katie MacAlister

The Unexpected Duchess: Playful Brides, Book 1 by Valerie Bowman

Wed At Leisure: The Taming Series, Book 2 by Sabrina Darby

Regency Mischief, book 3 - Mischief by Moonlight by Emily Greenwood

Secrets Of Seduction by Nicole Jordan

The Once and Future Duchess by Sophia Nash

The Scoundrel's Seduction: House of Trent, Book 3 by Jennifer Haymore

Daring Miss Danvers: Wallflower Wedding Series, Book 1 by Vivienne Lorret

To Marry a Scottish Laird by Lynsay Sands

Prelude to a Kiss, book 1 - The Baron Next Door by Erin Knightley

Patriot's Heart by Penelope Marzec

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Never Forget Me by Marguerite Kaye, This book contains three short stories that revolve around the Scottish ancestral home of Laird and Lady Carmichael and its residents. Their three children, Robbie, Flora and Alex all leave for France to do their part in WWI, but none will ever be the same again. Read Review>>

The Whisky Laird's Bed by Donna MacMeans, Determined to save her fellow Rake Patrol member, Faith, who has run off the Highlands in answer to an ad for a wife, temperance worker Claire follows to save her, especially when the groom-to-be turns out to be a whisky distiller. But she never expects the feelings he stirs in her, or that he will have her questioning her beliefs. Which one will win in this battle of wills, or can they find a happy compromise? Read Review>>

The Wickedest Lord Alive by Christina Brooke, Thanks to his mother’s gambling losses to Lord Butte, Xavier, a marquis, is forced to wed and bed the lord’s daughter, but shortly after the consummation she disappears. Although he knows where she is, he leaves her alone for eight years. But now he needs an heir, so he sets out to bring his wife, Lizzie, home. However, Lizzie is not interested in his wealth; she wants love in her marriage. But how long can she resist her desire for her husband? Read Review>>

Tricks of the Ton series, book 3 - How to Lose a Lord in 10 Days or Less by Elizabeth Michels, After a year in self-imposed exile, Andrew, Lord Amberstall, returns to London, having received his mother’s plea for help. But when he is forced to jump to avoid the miscreant following him, he lands at the feet of the unconventional Katie. With his horse badly injured, he is unable to go on until his horse heals. Amid disagreements and passion, Katie begins falling for him, but will the threat behind Andrew’s return end the chance they might have at a future together? Read Review>>

With This Ring - The Wicked Worthingtons series, Book 3 by Celeste Bradley, Elektra, the middle daughter of the eccentric, impoverished Worthingtons, longs to return her family to their former glory. With the scandal sheets proclaiming the triumphant return of Lord Aaron after a ten year absence, Elektra sees her chance, so she kidnaps him. But her plan goes awry when she captures his servant instead…or so she believes. Read Review>>

Her Highland Hero - The Highlanders series, book 6 by Terry Spear, Lady Isobel and Laird Marcus are in love and want nothing more than to wed, but her father is set on her marrying a titled Englishman, despite all of Marcus’ correspondence to him and Isobel’s pleading. When Marcus receives word that her father has been killed and she is in danger, he is certain that one of her suitors is to blame. Can they discover the villain’s identity before it is too late, or will Marcus lose the only woman he loves? Read Review>>

The Captive - Captive Hearts series, book 1 by Grace Burrowes, After suffering deadly torture at the hands of the French during wartime, Christian, a scarred and emaciated duke, has made it home, but he lives for vengeance. Gillian, a widowed countess, has secrets of her own and abhors violence. As she helps Christian with his young daughter, they explore their mutual desire and Gillian begins to hope for a future with him. Will his need for revenge ruin what they could have together? Read Review>>

The Secrets of a Scoundrel: Inferno Club, Book 7 by Gaelen Foley, Fans of Ms. Foley's INFERNO CLUB series are sure to love THE SECRETS OF A SCOUNDREL. Because it is the final book in the series, I am sure it will be treasured by many. Read Review>>

Winning Miss Wakefield - Wallflower Wedding series, Book 2 by Vivienne Lorret, Author Vivienne Lorret is certain to steal hearts with WINNING MISS WAKEFIELD. Romance readers will be glued to each and every word. Read Review>>

Wicked Temptation - Nemesis Unlimited, Book 3 by Zoe Archer, Bronwyn faces an uncertain future and what little money and possessions she has, went to pay off her late-husband’s debts. Marco did not want this particular assignment and was hesitant to help a member of the aristocracy. Dare he succumb to the widow’s untutored wiles and entrust her with his heart? Read Review>>


A Time for Scandal, book 1 - The Undoing of Daisy Edwards by Marguerite Kaye, Two strangers, Dominic and Daisy, are both suffering after they each lost a loved one in the Great War. Nothing provides them with the oblivion they seek or allows them to move on until they end up in each other’s arms. This is only a temporary solution to help them get through their grief, but as the pleasure becomes addictive, will they be able to leave it behind and go their separate ways, or is it already too late for that? Read Review>>

A Time for Scandal, book 2 - The Awakening of Poppy Edwards by Marguerite Kaye, After seeing her sister’s grief from the loss of her husband during the Great War, starlet Poppy wants nothing to do with love, but passion is a different matter when she meets an attractive man at a club where she is singing under another name. Broadway producer Lewis has a business proposal for Poppy, but seeing her seductive curves as she performs, his interest turns personal. But when he wants more, will he be able to convince her? Read Review>>

Bride of a Scottish Warrior by Adrienne Basso, Grace is determined to lead a pious life at a convent out of guilt for her role in her late husband’s death. Ewan is in need of a rich bride to help his people and willing to overlook his illegitimate birth. Can Ewan accept Grace after learning the sin she committed? Read Review>>

To Marry A Scottish Laird by Lynsay Sands, After highlander Cam comes to the rescue of a young boy being badly beaten, he is shocked to discover that the boy is a girl. As he escorts her to her destination at the MacKays, things turn intimate. Cam wants to keep her by his side as his mistress, but she cannot bear the thought of the day he marries. However, upon arriving at the MacKays, things quickly change as mayhem ensues, secrets are revealed and soon Joan’s life is threatened. Will Cam be able to keep her safe? Read Review>>

Vixen in Velvet by Loretta Chase, Setting out to transform Lady Gladys from dowdy into society’s incomparable, dressmaker Leonie stumbles into the lady’s cousin, Lord Lisburne. Entranced by the beautiful redhead and knowing his cousin well, Lisburne makes a wager with Leonie about the success of her goal. If she loses, she spends a fortnight with him exclusively. Longing for the painting she will gain if she wins, Leonie agrees, equally determined to teach him a lesson. Read Review>>

The Secrets of a Scoundrel - Inferno Club series, Book 7 by Gaelen Foley, Ginnie needs the help of the man she has secretly loved for years in order to find a missing girl who is abducted by a trafficking ring. Nick, a baron and ex-spy, is serving time for becoming unwittingly involved in a murderous plot. The Order gives him a second chance if he will help Ginnie and follow her every command. But she has not told him everything and as he struggles to keep his hands to himself, her secret just may get them killed. Read Review>>

A Promise Of More: Disgraced Lords, Book 2 by Bronwen Evans, Historical fans will be captivated by author Bronwen Evans's DISGRACED LORDS series. It currently consists of two novels, A KISS OF LIES and A PROMISE OF MORE. Read Review>>

Lady Windermere's Lover by Miranda Neville, After losing the estate left to him by his mother, Damian finds he can only regain it by marrying the new owner’s niece, Cynthia, who he believes is involved in the nefarious plan. So he promptly leaves her, but is called back home a year later to find that his beautiful young wife is being courted by his former best friend, the Duke of Denton. Can he win back the woman who is beginning to mean more to him than the estate? Read Review>>

Book Club Belles Society, book 1 - Once Upon a Kiss by Jayne Fresina, Justina and Darius met a year ago when she mistakenly ended up in his bed during a visit to Bath. With his latest inheritance, he finds himself in the small town of Hawcombe Prior and face-to-face with the same woman who is now stealing fruit from his orchard. Although they are completely different, he feels drawn to her and is soon finding tasks to keep her nearby. Can he convince her that they are meant to be together? Read Review>>

Noble Destiny - Nobles series, book 2 by Katie MacAlister, Returning to London after her scandalous marriage to an Italian nobleman and his subsequent death, Charlotte finds she is an outcast, even to her family. So she sets out to marry into society, setting her cap on Alisdair, an earl. Although Alisdair has loved her for years, he refuses to consummate their forced union until she can return his feelings. But when his right to the title is threatened, will he lose the only woman he loves? Read Review>>


The Unexpected Duchess: Playful Brides, Book 1 by Valerie Bowman
 Readers should be prepared to be swept away. Ms. Bowman's THE UNEXPECTED DUCHESS is witty and wickedly sensual.

Wed At Leisure: The Taming Series, Book 2 by Sabrina Darby
 New author Sabrina Darby shows promise in her latest novel, WED AT LEISURE. It is a good summer read.

Regency Mischief, book 3 - Mischief by Moonlight by Emily Greenwood
 Colin, an earl, is in love with Josie, but before he can act on it, she meets his best friend Nick, who makes the earl promise to watch over his ladylove while he is fighting for his country. Josie sees the chance to match Colin with her sister, so she gets a love potion from a gypsy, but this plan goes hilariously awry. When a twist of fate gives Colin a second chance, will he be able to convince Josie that they belong together?

Secrets Of Seduction by Nicole Jordan
 Historical romance readers should add Ms. Jordan's SECRETS OF SEDUCTION to the top of their reading list. It is a romance that is certain to spark some really good conversation.

The Once and Future Duchess by Sophia Nash
 Fans of Ms. Nash will be head over heels for THE ONCE AND FUTURE DUCHESS. It is a wonderful read.

The Scoundrel's Seduction: House of Trent, Book 3 by Jennifer Haymore
 Romance readers who enjoy a little mystery, should go out and get a copy of THE SCOUNDREL'S SEDUCTION. It is very enjoyable.

Daring Miss Danvers: Wallflower Wedding Series, Book 1 by Vivienne Lorret
 Author Vivienne Lorret's debut, DARING MISS DANVERS, is a highly recommended read. It will leave readers breathing a sigh of contentment.

To Marry a Scottish Laird by Lynsay Sands
 If you are looking for a good Scottish romance, then Ms. Sands's TO MARRY A SCOTTISH LAIRD is the novel for you. It is quirky, emotional and exciting.

Prelude to a Kiss, book 1 - The Baron Next Door by Erin Knightley
 After a broken engagement, Charity is concentrating on her music and competing in Bath’s first annual music festival. However, her next door neighbor seems to be her worse critic. Hugh, a new baron, suffers from war injuries and Charity’s music seems to trigger the pain. But when he complains, the battle, which soon turns heated, is on. Will what started as a battle, evolving later into kisses, end in heartache?

Patriot's Heart by Penelope Marzec
 PATRIOT'S HEART is an inspirational historical romance that is set in the late 1700's with fighting taking place on American soil in New Jersey against the British. There is an undercurrent of romance throughout as well as espionage and loose cannons.

The Accidental Duchess (Fairbourne Quartet #4) by Madeline Hunter
 THE ACCIDENTAL DUCHESS is the fourth book in the FAIRBOURNE QUARTET SERIES. Lady Lydia and the Duke of Penthurst have a past, a present and a future that neither of them sees coming. Watching their interactions and his support of her is both heartwarming and romantic!

House of Trent, book 3 - The Scoundrel's Seduction by Jennifer Haymore
 When undercover agent Sam carries out a mission by killing a known traitor, he discovers that there is a witness – the victim’s wife. Taking her as a hostage, he is soon on the run with her when his agency orders her death, an aim shared by the traitor’s heir. As they flee their pursuers, they fall in love, but will they survive to find happiness together?

Royal Entourage, book 4 - The Once and Future Duchess by Sophia Nash
 The Duke of Candover already has two botched engagements and no desire to marry, but after a bachelor party gone wrong, the prince orders him to wed. Isabelle, who was an innocent bystander at the debauchery, has received the same orders. The duke cares for her, but his promise to her dead father to find her a husband more her age keeps him away. He has a choice to make - will he choose duty or the woman he loves?

Clan Sinclair series - The Virgin of Clan Sinclair by Karen Ranney
 In an attempt to get her erotic manuscript published, Ellice hides away in visiting earl, Ross’s, carriage. But when he discovers her and reads her novel, he demands that she not publish it since the hero resembles Ross, who is running for office and trying to avoid scandal. However, she intrigues him and he can’t stop at one kiss. Discovered in a compromising position, they are soon wed. But, will his attempts to prevent publication of her book cost him the bride he is falling for?

Noble Intentions by Katie MacAlister
 In her first season, accident prone Gillian, who has the "Unfortunate Habit" of speaking whatever is in her mind, feels that finding a husband is hopeless. However, Noble, an earl, finds her open honesty and sparkling laughter refreshing and soon weds her. But the scandal of his first marriage keeps him from letting anyone get too close, including his bride. Will he let her in, or risk losing the woman who is healing his heart?

Meet the Earl at Midnight - Midnight Meetings series, Book 1 by Gina Conkle
 When Lydia is forced to wed badly scarred scientist Edward, an earl, to save her mother, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with him. But, although intrigued by Lydia, Edward’s world centers on his plants. Having lost his brother at sea, he knows the chances of his own survival from his scientific voyage due to take place in three months. So to ensure the line, he must impregnate his wife before leaving. But Lydia has fallen for her husband and is desperate to keep him by her side. Can they reach a compromise?

In Want of a Wife - Bitter Springs series, Book 4 by Jo Goodman
 Jo Goodman creates a tale that easily compels western historical romance lovers' hearts.

Taming, book 2 - Wed at Leisure by Sabrina Darby
 Although everyone sees Kate as a spoiled brat, Peter cannot forget the distraught young girl he had seen years earlier. So when his brother enlists his aid in a plan to help his friend by seeming to woo Kate, Peter reluctantly goes along. But when he falls in love with her, will she refuse him because of his deception?

Dangerous Seduction by Zoë Archer
 I can always count on author Zoë Archer to deliver a unique historical romance, and DANGEROUS SEDUCTION is no exception.

Woo'd in Haste by Sabrina Darby
 When Luc, a viscount, falls in love at first sight, he seeks help in courting her from his mischievous friend Reggie and soon finds himself ensconced in her home as the family tutor. Bianca cannot even take part in a courtship until her sister Kate, who is in her third season, weds. When it appears that his ruse is about to be revealed, Luc knows he has to come clean, but will his deception cost him the love of his life?

The Prospect by Beth Williamson
 As Josephine Chastain and her family are traveling west to Oregon to start a new life, she falls ill with typhoid fever. The wagon train master insists that she leave the wagon train and Declan Callahan agrees to stay behind and nurse her back to health in the nearest outpost. For the sake of propriety, and since there is no priest at Fort John, they go through a sham marriage arranged by her mother.

To Charm a Naughty Countess by Theresa Romain
 After the death of his father, whose profligate lifestyle left the estate impoverished, Michael, a duke, is forced to seek a wealthy heiress for his bride. But in London, society considers him mad due to his inability to adhere to society’s strictures. However, when he comes to the rescue of wealthy widow Caroline, the only woman he longs to wed, he determines to make her his. Can he convince her to spend her life with him, or will he take the chance of losing his estate?

Paying the Viking’s Price by Michelle Styles
 Michelle Styles has written a sizzling historical that any historical reader will love!

An Accidental Affair (Distinguished Rogues #1) by Heather Boyd
 AN ACCIDENTAL AFFAIR shows the darker side of the titled in London in the early 1800's as well as how the Ton does things. It held my interest from beginning to end so much so that I had to keep reading as each chapter came to a close.

Knight of My Dreams by Lynsay Sands
 The king gives Jonathan, the Lord of Fairley, an ultimatum; find a bride within two weeks or one will be chosen for him. His mother enlists the help of Alice, her friend’s daughter, but warns Jonathan that Alice is not for him. However, this voluptuous beauty is all he wants. Will his mother’s plans backfire when she goes a bit too far?

It Takes a Scandal by Caroline Linden
 War veteran Sebastian returns home to discover that his mentally ailing father has practically given away his inheritance before he disappeared and left Sebastian accused of his murder. Intrigued by his new neighbor, Abigail, Sebastian slowly begins to heal, both emotionally and physically. But, despite their feelings for each other, her father believes the rumors about Sebastian and is set on marrying his daughter to an earl’s son. Together, can Sebastian and Abigail prove his innocence?

Legendary Lovers, book 3 - Secrets of Seduction by Nicole Jordan
 Skye fell in love with Hawk when she was a young girl, upset to discover he was already wed. Now ten years later, Hawk, a reclusive widower, plans to take a new wife and Skye is set on winning his heart. After tragically losing his wife and son years ago, Hawk wants nothing to do with love. Can Skye win his love and help him heal in the process?

Millworth Manor - The Scandalous Adventures of the Sister of the Bride by Victoria Alexander
 After one night of amorous adventure while in America, widow Delilah returns to England set on finding the ‘perfect’ husband. When her adventurous partner, Sam, arrives for her sister’s wedding, Delilah is determined to act as though she doesn’t know him. But her heart knows better as Sam sets out to prove to her that they belong together.

Clan Sinclair - The Witch of Clan Sinclair by Karen Ranney
 When Mairi is unjustly prevented from attending the all men’s club to hear her favorite author speak, she blames Logan, despite her attraction to him. Declaring war on him, she finds that most of society worships him, and her latest attacks may not be the best for her business. But still she persists. Will she discover too late that he is her perfect match, despite their differences?

Brides of Redemption - Redemption of the Duke by Gayle Callen
 Feeling responsible for the death of some of his men, Adam, a duke, searches for the sister of one of them. Faith is being overworked as the companion to a spoiled society miss. Adam wants to help her, but she refuses to accept anything, until his aunt offers her a position as her companion. Falling for her, Adam tries to avoid Faith, until he starts receiving threatening notes about her. Will he be able to keep her safe?

American Heiress in London - How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days by Laura Lee Guhrke
 Five years after entering a marriage of convenience with Edie and leaving for a trip to Africa, promising to never return, Stuart, a duke, is back home after a close brush with death. Having previously been violated, Edie fears intimacy and wants out, despite Stuart’s determination to keep them together. Finally, they agree on a wager. Can he convince her to give him a kiss on her own within ten days, or will he lose the woman he loves?

The Unexpected Duchess by Valerie Bowman
 Lady Lucy’s forthright manner comes in handy when she takes on the task of stopping a duke’s pursuit of her friend Cassie, who is in love with someone else. Just before leaving the battlefield, Derek, a duke, had promised his dying friend that he would find and marry Cassie. But he had not been prepared for Lucy’s sharp tongue or falling in love with her. He will have to make a decision – will he choose Lucy or his promise to a friend?

Moonlight On My Mind by Jennifer McQuiston
 Ms. McQuiston is certain to garner fans with her SECOND SONS series. There are three novels to date: WHAT HAPPENS IN SCOTLAND, SUMMER IS FOR LOVERS and MOONLIGHT ON MY MIND.

How To Lose A Duke In Ten Days by Laura Lee Guhrke
 Who can resist a romance about a scarred young woman finding the love of her life in a man she is so desperate to distance herself from? HOW TO LOSE A DUKE IN TEN DAYS will touch your heart.

It Takes a Scandal by Caroline Linden
 Fans will not want to miss Ms. Linden's latest, IT TAKES A SCANDAL. If you like your heroines pretty and your heroes scarred, then this is the romance for you.

The Last Wicked Scoundrel by Lorraine Heath
 Readers cannot help but fall in love with Lorraine Heath's SCOUNDRELS OF ST. JAMES series. It consists of four novels, IN BED WITH THE DEVIL, BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND DESIRE, SURRENDER TO THE DEVIL, MIDNIGHT PLEASURES WITH A SCOUNDREL, and the novella, THE LAST WICKED SCOUNDREL.

Wallflower Gone Wild by Maya Rodale
 WALLFLOWER GONE WILD is guaranteed to have you laughing from the beginning. Readers will not want to miss out on this wildly entertaining read.

Between The Devil And Ian Eversea by Julie Anne Long
 If readers are looking for a heated historical romance, Julie Anne Long's BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND IAN EVERSEA is exactly what they are in need of. It sparks every emotion.

The Dark Affair - Mad Passions, Book 3 by Maire Claremont
 From the depths of addiction rises a gripping historical love affair that will move you to tears before renewing your soul.

Lairds of the Loch, book 3 - The Warrior's Bride by Amanda Scott
 When Robert, heir to the Baron of Ardincaple, comes to the rescue of impulsive Lady Muriella, he finds that her hasty words land them into an unwanted marriage. Getting out of the marriage is not quite so easy. But as they are forced into each other’s company on a daily basis, amid much suspense, Muriella begins to see her marriage in a different light as she falls in love with her husband. But does he return her feelings, or is she doomed for heartache?

Passionately Yours by Cara Elliott
 After coming to Scottish baron Alec’s rescue the previous year, poetess Caro runs into him once more in Bath, where he has taken his sickly sister. But now it is Alec’s turn to come to her rescue just as Caro, who is longing for adventure to stir up her muse, runs into more danger than she ever imagined and the sparks fly.

Unwed and Unrepentant by Marguerite Kaye
 After Lady Cordelia runs off, destroying her father’s plans to marry her off to a man of his choice, she longs to reunite with her family. But her father has a price for any such reunion. She will have to marry her father’s business partner, who also happens to be her one-time lover. Agreeing on a faux engagement to meet their individual needs, the two travel to Arabia and unexpectedly find love.

Never Entice an Earl by Lily Dalton
 Returning home after years away to rebuild his fortune, Cormack finds his sister on her deathbed after giving birth. To regain the lands his father lost, he has unofficially entered a marriage agreement. But as he tries to find the man who ruined his sister and make him pay, he comes to the rescue of Lady Daphne, who is debuting into society. A few stolen kisses leave him hungering for more. As danger surrounds them, he will have to make a choice; his lands or Daphne.

Three Weeks With Lady X by Eloisa James
 Readers will love Ms. James's latest, THREE WEEKS WITH LADY X. It is a guaranteed thrill ride.

Duchess of Love, book 3 - Loving Lord Ash by Sally MacKenzie
 After eight years apart in an unconsummated marriage, Jess and Lord Ashley try to repair their union, but the rumors of each of them having carried on affairs in their years apart make trust between them impossible. However, the rumors are false and both are still virgins. Can they get beyond the past and the rumors and learn to trust each other before they lose any chance at happiness together?

One Night with an Earl by Jennifer Haymore
 Beatrice, a recluse since her abusive husband’s death, enjoys the idea of attending London’s premier masquerade ball, where she can be out in society anonymously. She hopes no one recognizes her, especially the handsome man she has just met. Andrew has been in love with Beatrice for years and would recognize her anywhere. Spending the evening with her is a dream-come-true, but can he win her heart before the clock strikes midnight?

The Wrong Highland Bridegroom by Amanda Forester
 Effie’s brother, Laird Campbell, has chosen her husband for her, but she wants to marry for love and nothing else will do. So when she meets her intended, she gets him to agree to a sham engagement, allowing them time to find their true loves. As soon as Connor met Effie, he knew she was the one for him, but can he convince her that what she seeks is right in front of her, or will he lose the woman he loves to someone else?

The Emerald Isle Trilogy by Renee Vincent
 The EMERALD ISLES TRILOGY is an exciting series of exhilarating stories, which are all connected to the Emerald Isles, both past and present. Make sure you have plenty of time when you start reading this collection because you will not want to put it down.

Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom by Vanessa Kelly
 Just as Griffin is attempting to rid himself of his disreputable businesses, including a brothel, for more respectable pursuits, an infant is mysteriously left at his door, with a cryptic note to keep him safe. To help him, his friend, spymaster Dominic brings his goddaughter, Justine, to Griffin’s home. But when her reputation is tainted, he marries her and soon things turn heated as he finds himself falling for his bride.

Wallflower Gone Wild by Maya Rodale
 With her finishing school about to hold their hundredth anniversary ball, Olivia doesn’t want to be the only one in their history who failed to marry. But when her good behavior only lands her into being engaged to the Mad Baron, rumored to have killed his wife, she determines to be scandalous, so he will withdraw his suit. However, the more she acts out, the more persistent he is and soon her fear of him turns into longing. Can she have a happy ever after with an alleged killer?

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