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Texas Mail Order Bride by Linda Broday

"So beautiful. You make it impossible to think." He pulled her against him and found her mouth. "You don't know how long I've wanted to do this."
When he let her up for air, she whispered as though she couldn't trust her voice, "Is this another Texas custom?"
"Absolutely," he growled. "Welcome to Texas."

Rancher Cooper Thorne thinks his life is finally on an even keel-until Delta Dandridge steps off the stagecoach and claims she's his mail order bride. Brash and quick-witted, the meddling Southern Belle is everything Cooper thought he never wanted...and everything his heart is telling him he needs.

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The Courtesan Duches by Joanna Shupe

Four Nights with the Duke by Eloisa James

The Elusive Lord Everhart - The Rakes of Fallow Hall series, book 1 by Vivienne Lorret

What a Lady Most Desires by Lecia Cornwall

His Wicked Reputation - Wicked series, book 1 by Madeline Hunter

In the Shadow of Winter by Lorna Gray

Lord Savage by Mia Gabriel

A Good Rake Is Hard To Find: Lords of Anarchy, Book 1 by Manda Collins

What A Lady Requires by Ashlyn MacNamara

The Witch of Painted Sorrows by M. J. Rose

What The Duke Wants: Agents Of Change, Book 1 by Amy Quinton

Chasing The Other Tisdale: Regency Blooms, Book 3 by Jessica Jefferson

Diary Of An Accidental Wallflower: Seduction Diaries, Book 1 by Jennifer McQuiston

Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress by Theresa Romain

Letty's Story by Leticia

A Touch Of Passion: Disgraced Lords, Book 3 by Bronwen Evans

What a Devilish Duke Desires - The Sinful Scoundrels, book 3 by Vicky Dreiling

The Devil Takes A Bride - The Cabot Sisters, Book 2 by Julia London

Never Surrender To A Scoundrel: One Scandalous Season, Book 3 by Lily Dalton

The Bedding Proposal (The Rakes of Cavendish Square #1) by Tracy Anne Warren

The Countess Confessions (Boscastle Affairs bk 2) by Jillian Hunter

The Arrow - Highland Guard series, book 9 by Monica McCarty

The Soldier's Dark Secret by Marguerite Kaye

The Bedding Proposal - The Rakes of Cavendish Square Trilogy, book 1 by Tracy Anne Warren

Earls Just Want to Have Fun by Shana Galen

Earls Just Want to Have Fun by Shana Galen

Just in Time for a Highlander by Gwyn Cready

I've Got My Duke To Keep Me Warm by Kelly Bowen

The Other Duke by Jess Michaels

When Good Earls Go Bad by Megan Frampton

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The Courtesan Duches by Joanna Shupe, When the Duke of Colton falls for a sensual Cyprian, he never suspects that she is his untouched wife Julia, whom he left behind. But to get pregnant with his heir and improve her plight, Julia will do whatever it takes. Read Review>>

Four Nights with the Duke by Eloisa James, When circumstances force Mia to blackmail Vander, a duke, into marriage, he believes he is thwarting her when he confines their nights together to four a year. But will he be able to adhere to the contract when her lush little body entices him so? Read Review>>

The Elusive Lord Everhart - The Rakes of Fallow Hall series, book 1 by Vivienne Lorret, With no plans to ever marry, Gabriel is sure to win the bachelor’s wager, unless a love letter he wrote suddenly surfaces. Five years ago, Calliope lost her heart after receiving an anonymous love letter, but now other Casanova letters are surfacing and she is set on finding and stopping this heartbreaker. Read Review>>

What a Lady Most Desires by Lecia Cornwall, In the midst of the Napoleonic War, Lady Delphine St. James falls in love with a solemn, battle and love scarred hero. Her life is forever changed by their first meeting. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Major Lord Stephen Ives. Life is too serious for frivolity and balls, and Lady St. James is a diamond of the ton. Major Lord Ives is seriously injured and blinded from a horrific battle and accused of crimes he did not commit. Will Lady St. James be able to convince him she’s more than meets the eye and save the man she loves?
Read Review>>

His Wicked Reputation - Wicked series, book 1 by Madeline Hunter, Copying the paintings from a deserted estate seems fine to Eva until the owner, Gareth, shows up to renovate his home. Others warn her against this master of seduction, as one kiss tells her she is over her head, but, oh, what a way to go! Read Review>>

In the Shadow of Winter by Lorna Gray, A post-war novel debut that will appeal to readers interested in Britain's more recent history, as well as those who enjoy a more rural setting. The mystery matches the pace of rural life, and then races off with the reader in a thrilling but satisfying climax. Read Review>>

Lord Savage by Mia Gabriel, Author Mia Gabriel's LORD SAVAGE is intensely erotic. Readers will not know what hit them. Read Review>>

A Good Rake Is Hard To Find: Lords of Anarchy, Book 1 by Manda Collins, A GOOD RAKE IS HARD TO FIND... need I say more? If the title does not grab readers, I do not know what will. Read Review>>

What A Lady Requires by Ashlyn MacNamara, Readers who are looking for a romance with a strong female protagonist need look no further than WHAT A LADY REQUIRES. Ms. MacNamara takes readers on a grand adventure with her leading lady, Emma. Read Review>>

The Witch of Painted Sorrows by M. J. Rose, Filled with dark history, ancient artifacts, artists' ambience, sensuality, suspense and a most compelling characterization, THE WITCH OF PAINTED SORROWS contains the perfect twist Gothic Romance lovers will find irresistible. Read Review>>


What The Duke Wants: Agents Of Change, Book 1 by Amy Quinton, WHAT THE DUKE WANTS starts the AGENTS OF CHANGE series off with a bang. It is a lot of fun. Read Review>>

Chasing The Other Tisdale: Regency Blooms, Book 3 by Jessica Jefferson, Fans will not want to miss the latest installment in Ms. Jefferson's REGENCY BLOOMS series. CHASING THE OTHER TISDALE is enchanting. Read Review>>

Diary Of An Accidental Wallflower: Seduction Diaries, Book 1 by Jennifer McQuiston, With a name like SEDUCTION DIARIES, Ms. McQuiston is certain to attract her fair share of readers. The first installment, DIARY OF AN ACCIDENTAL WALLFLOWER, is a thrill in itself. Read Review>>

Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress by Theresa Romain, Disillusioned by love, heiress Augusta poses as a widow while visiting Bath, seeking a temporary lover and hoping to keep her identity obscure. This ruse is progressing nicely…until Joss arrives in town and recognizes her. Can she convince him to keep her secret? Read Review>>

Letty's Story by Leticia , An inspiring, true account of WWII survivor Letty, who was only five years old when the first bombs erupted. As she struggles with a world gone awry with dwindling food sources, suffering abuse while she is left behind by many of those she loves, Letty endures with her tremendous faith in God, eventually finding love. An unforgettably beautiful story! Read Review>>

A Touch Of Passion: Disgraced Lords, Book 3 by Bronwen Evans, Lots of fun and action can be had in Ms. Evan's A TOUCH OF PASSION. Her DISGRACED LORDS series is a must read. Read Review>>

What a Devilish Duke Desires - The Sinful Scoundrels, book 3 by Vicky Dreiling, When a maid/dance instructor and a duke strike up a friendship, they find themselves falling in love. But will society accept her as his duchess, or are they doomed to heartbreak? Read Review>>

The Devil Takes A Bride - The Cabot Sisters, Book 2 by Julia London, Author Julia London knows how to write romance. Readers can easily lose themselves in THE DEVIL TAKES A BRIDE. Read Review>>

Never Surrender To A Scoundrel: One Scandalous Season, Book 3 by Lily Dalton, Readers are certain to devour Ms. Dalton's latest installment in her ONE SCANDALOUS SEASON series. NEVER SURRENDER TO A SCOUNDREL is in a word... satisfying. Read Review>>

The Bedding Proposal (The Rakes of Cavendish Square #1) by Tracy Anne Warren, THE BEDDING PROPOSAL is an historical romance that was sometimes playful and at other times darkness reared its ugly head. A quick read that was spicy, steamy and had lots of romance and love. Read Review>>


The Countess Confessions (Boscastle Affairs bk 2) by Jillian Hunter
 Disguises brought them together... can their budding relationship survive the light of day - and the bad guys in the neighborhood?

The Arrow - Highland Guard series, book 9 by Monica McCarty
 This is the first book in the HIGHLAND GUARD series that I have read. It is full of history, romance and the tomfoolery of the clan family.

The Soldier's Dark Secret by Marguerite Kaye
 After the atrocious acts at Waterloo, Jack suffers from PTSD when he returns home and his family is unable to help him. But then Celeste, a beautiful landscape artist, arrives. Although seeking answers to her own questions, she has been hired to paint the ancestral gardens. Celeste is not afraid of Jack’s dark moods and she challenges him. Is Celeste what Jack needs to get on with his life?

The Bedding Proposal - The Rakes of Cavendish Square Trilogy, book 1 by Tracy Anne Warren
 THE BEDDING PROPOSAL is emotionally tender and is destined to spellbind readers with its sensuality and alluring plot, which is simply divine!

Earls Just Want to Have Fun by Shana Galen
 When two gentlemen tell Marlowe to leave her thieving behind, she thinks they are crazy, even more so when they try to convince Marlowe that she was born to be a lady. Soon she finds herself entering into a world that she never knew existed. Find out more about Marlowe's adventure in EARLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN.

Earls Just Want to Have Fun by Shana Galen
 Twenty years after a young girl is kidnapped, Brooke, a bow street runner, believes he has found her living with a gang of thieves in the slums of London’s Seven Dials. Kidnapping Marlowe, Brooke turns her over to his brother Max, who sets about turning the foul-mouthed guttersnipe into a lady. As they spend time together, they develop feelings for each other, but marriage between them seems impossible. Is the love between them strong enough to give them a future together? Is Marlowe really the missing Elizabeth?

Just in Time for a Highlander by Gwyn Cready
 When a spell gone awry lands modern day battle re-enactor and financier Duncan three hundred years into the past in the Scottish Highlands, he comes face-to-face with a beautiful clan leader, Abby. But to return home, he must first learn some battle skills so he can complete his mission. Abby is ready to teach him, but as the lessons turn heated, Duncan finds himself falling for her. Can they have a future together when he may soon be returning to his time?

I've Got My Duke To Keep Me Warm by Kelly Bowen
 I'VE GOT MY DUKE TO KEEP ME WARM is a heart-warming romance. It is a must read for 2015.

The Other Duke by Jess Michaels
 When a lady is confronted with arranged marriage, what should she do? Grab a copy of Jess Michaels' THE OTHER DUKE to find out.

When Good Earls Go Bad by Megan Frampton
 WHEN GOOD EARLS GO BAD. Readers cannot go wrong with a delicious title like that.

A Heart's Disguise by Colleen Coble
 Part one of this serialized series starts off right after the Civil War in America has ended, when so many families have been left to pick up the pieces of their tattered lives. Sarah has endured the loss of those she has loved and is hopeful for a promising future.

If the Viscount Falls - The Duke's Men, book 4 by Sabrina Jeffries
 Twelve years ago, upon losing his inheritance, Dominic faked a betrayal so his fiancée would break off their engagement and gain a better life without him. Now he has come into the family title, but Jane, who has never married, is engaged to someone else. Still, when Jane’s cousin goes missing, Jane turns to Dominic for help. As old feelings are stirred up, Jane has a decision to make; should she marry the man she has always loved or honor her engagement to another man?

How to Plan a Wedding for a Royal Spy - Renegade Royals, book 3 by Vanessa Kelly
 When Will returns home as a decorated war hero, he is ready to get on with his life, but his father, a duke, forces him to renew his friendship with his childhood friend and former sweetheart, Evie. After all, she may be conspiring with a suspected traitor, her almost-fiancé, to kill a member of royalty. Not believing that she is capable of it, Will sets out to prove it. But he finds it hard to deny his feelings for her. Is she innocent, or has the Evie he knew changed more than he thought?

The Devil Takes a Bride by Julia London
 Faced with impending scandal and possibly being tossed out of her home, Grace schemes a way to force a marriage with a wealthy viscount before the scandal becomes known. But instead of the man she tries to trap, she ends up with his brother. Jeffery, an earl, suffers from OCD and leads a solitary life, but one kiss from Grace and his world is turned upside down. But will it be enough on which to base a life together when they are forced to wed?

The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy by Julia Quinn
 Sir Richard has less than a month to find a bride, so he attends the infamous Smythe/Smith musicale, which has a cast of unwed females. Sitting through the horrible performance, he notices the one player with talent and cannot take his eyes off of her. He spends the next week courting her. When things do not progress as swiftly as he would like, he compromises her into marriage. But will he lose the woman he is falling for when she discovers his urgent reason for marrying her?

Wagon Train Cinderella by Shirley Kennedy
 A Cinderella rendition taking place on a wagon train journey to California, this novel will appeal to those who enjoy the adventurous spirit of those brave pioneers of the 1850s.

Texas Mail Order Bride by Linda Broday
 Rancher Cooper has no plans to marry…ever. So when a mail order bride arrives in Battle Creek with letters he supposedly wrote, Cooper tries to send her packing. Finding a room at the boardinghouse and a job at the mercantile, Delta decides to make a fresh start in the small town. But when a madman, with a vendetta against Cooper, senses the growing closeness between them and makes Delta his target, will Cooper be able to save her?

The Earl I Adore by Erin Knightley
 When Sophie’s family is struck by scandal, she only has a short time to secure her future before word spreads. But the only man she wants is the earl. Believing that Sophie will be a calming influence for his headstrong, new-to-town sister, the earl asks Sophie to befriend her. Sophie sees this as her chance, but she will find it harder than expected to win the earl, who has issues of his own that preclude marriage.

Tempting the Pirate (Entangled Scandalous) (Love on the High Seas) by Tamara Hughes
 Charity Goswick refuses to allow herself be wed to a man she doesn’t love. She takes her future into her own hands and runs away. She finds herself stowed away on a pirate ship. James Lamont finds Charity, and knows he is her best bet for survival. As the two travel the high seas together will they find a passion amongst the danger that surrounds them?

The Blind Cupid (Blind Cupid Series Book 1) by Karyn Gerrard
 Anne Sommers has let the years get away from her and now she finds that she is a spinster. One of her greatest dreams is to find a man who will show her the pleasures of the night. She makes her wish come true when she goes to the Mistress of the Blind Cupid and hires a male escort. Desmond Glover is unlike any man she has ever met. He radiates sex appeal that can’t be ignored, but beneath his beauty is a man who craves love and acceptance. Will Anne be the woman that will have him wanting to turn his back on his career?

The Governess and the Beast (Blind Cupid Series Book 2) by Karyn Gerrard
 Hortense Jenning's life had been filled with hardship. She hopes that her new job as a Governess to a Baron’s son will be the start of a new life. When she arrives at her new employer’s home she finds out that the job she expected does not exist. Instead her employer wishes to purchase her companionship. Will she throw away her plans for her future to lie in the arms of a gentle beast?

A Scandalous Rogue by Janmarie Anello
 A SCANDALOUS ROGUE is utterly charming. What a treat!

The Millionaire Rogue - The Hope Diamond trilogy, book 2 by Jessica Peterson
 Banker Thomas Hope longs to secure the infamous French Blue Diamond. Sophia has always aspired to marrying a titled man, but when her secretive actions of transcribing the memoirs of a notorious madam land her in the midst of Thomas’ escapades, she begins to question whether she was meant for a life of nobility or a life of adventure. Could she be happy with an untitled gentleman?

The Duke in My Bed by Amelia Grey
 After a race with his fellow Heirs’ Club member, Bray, the heir to a dukedom, is left promising to marry the dying challenger’s sister. Two years pass before he meets the young lady and proposes, but Louisa rejects him. He meets this with his own challenge, promising that not only will she agree to marry him, she will propose. With her four sisters behind her, Louisa is sure she will win, but does Bray have to be so temptingly seductive?

The Duke of Dark Desires - Wild Quartet series, book 4 by Miranda Neville
 Years ago, Julian was given a fortune in jewels for his services, but the family had ended up executed. Now, he is the duke and Jeanne, the only survivor and using an alias, is in England to seek revenge against the Mr. Fortescue whom she blames for her family’s murder. Unaware of the man’s true identity, she seeks employment with the duke as his half-sisters’ governess. But what will she do when she realizes that the man she is falling for is the man she seeks?

The Midwife of Hope River by Patricia Harman
 A wonderful depiction of a midwife's life in 1930s Appalachia.

The Highland Dragon's Lady by Isabel Cooper
 Colin, a dragon-shifter, and Reggie, who bears a gift of her own, meet when she seeks out her brother and finds Colin instead. Soon their attraction to each other leads them into joining forces to expel the ghost haunting her family’s home. But as they seek to bring an end to the malicious spirit, will they be caught in their own trap instead?

Viscount of Vice by Shana Galen
 Historical fans, grab a copy of Ms. Galen's VISCOUNT OF VICE. It is pure enjoyment.

Catch a Falling Heiress: An American Heiress In London, Book 3 by Laura Lee Guhrke
 Fans of Laura Lee Guhrke will enjoy her latest addition to the AMERICAN HEIRESSES IN LONDON series. CATCH A FALLING HEIRESS is heart-warming.

City of Hope: A Novel by Kate Kerrigan
 CITY OF HOPE, the second book in ELLIE'S TRILOGY takes us back and forth between Ireland and New York City. The story takes place in the 1930's and is a well written historical.

In Bed with a Spy by Alyssa Alexander
 At Waterloo, Angel, a marquess and spy for the Crown, encounters a beautiful woman, later dubbed the Angel of Vengeance, seeking retribution for her husband’s death. Dealing with the murder of Gemma, the woman he loved, Angel understands how she feels. When he meets Lilias two years later, she drops a medallion just like the calling card left by Gemma’s killer. Even as he struggles with desire for her, he ponders her connection to the vicious assassins he is trying to bring down

The Duke's Guide to Correct Behavior - Dukes Behaving Badly series by Megan Frampton
 When the newly titled rake, Marcus, the Duke of Rutherford, discovers his illegitimate daughter on his doorstep after her mother’s death, he does the unthinkable and takes her in. Hiring a governess, Lily, who has her own secrets, Marcus is struck by her beauty and begins winding wicked fantasies of them together. But when someone from her past threatens to expose her, will he lose the one woman he could love?

When Sparks Fly - The School for Heiresses series by Sabrina Jeffries
 Those who love A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens will love the subtle similarities in this lovely historical novella by Sabrina Jeffries, as well as a cameo appearance by "Charlie" as a young lad.

A Place Called Harmony, Harmony, Texas, book 8 by Jodie Thomas
 I have read most of Jodi Thomas' Harmony books and to be able to go back to the beginning of the town is a trip worth taking. I loved getting to know how this town began and the brave souls who made it happen.

Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover - Rule of Scoundrels/Fallen Angels series, book 4 by Sarah MacLean
 Scandal sheet owner Duncan needs to discover his blackmailer’s secrets to keep from visiting the gallows, so he seeks out Chase, the mysterious owner of the powerful gaming hell. Instead, he has to go through Anna, the ribald lightskirt who runs interference for Chase. After his blackmailer demands that he uncover Chase’s real identity, what will Duncan do when he discovers that the woman he loves is living two other lives in disguise, as Anna and the elusive Chase?

Tall, Dark and Royal - Renegade Royal series by Vanessa Kelly
 Dominic, a magistrate, has loved Chloe most of his life. He has been searching for her since she disappeared fourteen years ago. Two months ago she reappeared and is using her home as a shelter for unwed pregnant women. Chloe is still the same girl he knew, but now she has a wariness about her that keeps him at arm’s length. When danger enters her life, she turns to Dominic. Is this his chance to end the lies between them and start anew with her?

The Duke In My Bed: The Heirs' Club Of Scoundrels, Book 1 by Amelia Grey
 Ms. Grey enchants with THE DUKE IN MY BED. Readers will be swept away with this beautifully written read.

How To Beguile A Duke by Ally Broadfield
 Historical romance readers are sure to love newcomer Ally Broadfield. She shows lots of promise in her latest novel, HOW TO BEGUILE A DUKE.

A Bride for the Season by Jennifer Delamere
 Fans of Ms. Delamere will be proud to know her latest novel in the LOVE'S GRACE series has hit the shelves. A BRIDE FOR THE SEASON is a good addition.

An Heiress for All Seasons by Sophie Jordan
 Do not miss Ms. Jordan's AN HEIRESS FOR ALL SEASONS. It is a great way to kick off the winter season!

Lady Elinor's Wicked Adventures - Victorian Adventures, book 1 by Lillian Marek
 Due to Harry’s sordid background, he doesn’t feel worthy of Lady Elinor, although he has loved her for years. Her parents have made him a part of their family, so when her mother asks him to accompany them to Europe to cheer her husband, he cannot refuse. However, Elinor proves to be a tempting distraction amid the Etruscan ruins in Italy as she sets out to make him see her as a grown woman. When danger strikes on foreign soil, will Harry finally realize how little his past really matters?

A Holiday Gamble by Jane Feather
 An unexpected guest arrives at a regency house party in a blizzard and meets the woman he can't wait to marry, if he can get her away from her betrothed and her guardian in time.

Wystan: The Heckmaster by Allison Merritt
 What is the secret of Berner? Why are the brothers Heckmaster so determined to stay in a dying town and keep newcomers out? Why is schoolteacher Rhia so determined to stay there? And why does the Sheriff, Heck have such a large bowie knife, while his brother Eban keeps a saber close at hand?

The Duke of Dark Desires by Miranda Neville
 Fans of Ms. Neville will not want to miss THE DUKE OF DARK DESIRES. It is a page turner.

Say Yes to the Marquess: Castles Ever After, Book 2 by Tessa Dare
 Fans of Ms. Dare's ROMANCING THE DUKE will enjoy SAY YES TO THE MARQUESS. Her CASTLES EVER AFTER series keeps getting better and better.

Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover: Rules of Scoundrels, Book 4 by Sarah MacLean
 Do not miss the fourth and final book in Ms. MacLean's RULES OF SCOUNDRELS series. NEVER JUDGE A LADY BY HER COVER is perfection.

Beguiling the Earl: Landing A Lord, Book 2 by Suzanna Medeiros
 Historical fans looking to take a chance on a new author will not want to miss Suzanna Medeiros. She is a rising star in the genre.

Scandalous Summer Nights: Honeycote, Book 3 by Anne Barton
 SCANDALOUS SUMMER NIGHTS is a must read for all Anne Barton fans. It is intoxicating.

The Rake's Handbook: Including Field Guide - The Rake's Handbook series, book 1 by Sally Orr
 Ross’ dream is to build his steam engine, but to succeed he needs access to his widowed neighbor Elinor’s waterway. Meanwhile, he has income from The Rake’s Handbook, which he wrote with his two friends upon a drunken dare. But Elinor knows the detrimental effect this industry would have on her beloved home. After compromising her, Ross proposes. Will she accept, or is this his latest ploy in gaining access to her property?

Strangers at the Altar by Marguerite Kaye
 With the death of her husband, Ainsley discovers that the change in her husband’s will has left her penniless and riddled with debt. Innes is shocked to discover that his father is even trying to control him from the grave. The only way he can inherit is to marry and spend a year at the Scottish estate. An encounter at the lawyer’s office has Innes and Ainsley joining forces, but neither one can anticipate the results.

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