Author: Lucy Monroe

Publisher: Brava

Release Date: January 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Being raised by a mercenary, Josie McCall was given an interesting childhood but it placed her outside most social circles. When her mother died, Tyler McCall did everything he could to make his daughter nearly invincible so he wouldn’t lose her as well. A warrior through and through, Josie is ignorant of the opposite sex and what to do about her attraction to Daniel “Nitro” Black Eagle. The gruff soldier ignites feelings Josie has never experienced before.

Daniel was under the impression that Josie didn’t share his feelings of desire and backed off. Then he learns in her innocence, she misread his signals. While finding this out, disaster strikes. Daniel just bought in to Tyler’s Mercenary Training Camp when it’s destroyed in an explosion. He gets a call from Josie informing him that Tyler’s been hurt and she’s at the ER with him. However, when he gets to the hospital, Josie has bad news. For some reason, Tyler ran, leaving Daniel in charge of Josie’s safety and a lot of questions unanswered.

It’s no surprise WILLING is the perfect follow-up to READY as Lucy Monroe continues the action and drama of her gorgeous mercenaries! Josie and Daniel give in to their very mutual attraction at the same time they try to uncover the purpose behind the explosion and who’s responsible. This leads them into some dangerous territory and to a group of white supremacists out to destroy Tyler. Being with Josie is better than any fantasy Daniel ever imagined but he doesn’t want to mislead her with his intentions. She must know that for him, their affair will not lead to forever. It can’t, not with his past. He’s afraid he shares more than just his father’s looks and so he denies the prospect of marriage and children. The pair finally track down Tyler’s location for some much needed answers amidst Josie and Daniel’s tumultuous affair. Josie finds herself in love with a stubborn man determined not to love her back. Daniel can’t see himself letting Josie go but at the same time his past has a hold on him that he can’t shake. He must come to terms with it or lose Josie. Lucy Monroe has penned a fast and exciting, not to mention steamy, must read!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Tracy Marsac

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