Welcome to Paradise

Author: Elle Kennedy

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: July 26, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Fifteen years ago, Charlotte Hill lost her virginity to Nate Bishop…who promptly broke her heart.  Even though she’s now a famous singer, Nate’s cruel words have haunted her.  When she receives an invitation to her high school reunion, Charlotte decides she needs some closure and, perhaps, a little retribution.  This time she’ll seduce Nate and break HIS heart.

Nate can’t believe Charlotte is returning to their hometown of Paradise.  Fifteen years ago, he deliberately stomped on her heart so that she wouldn’t give up her dream of attending Julliard to stay with him in Paradise, where everyone looked down on her because of her mother’s actions.  When Nate sees her again, he knows for sure that his love for her has never died.  Things heat up quickly, but what will happen when Nate learns Charlotte’s reasons for returning to Paradise?

True love gets a second chance in the passionate WELCOME TO PARADISE.  Nate and Charlotte are two people who are clearly in love with one another but have a lot of obstacles to overcome before they can reach “happily ever after.”  Many of their trials are of their own making, but Elle Kennedy makes their mistakes understandable.  Nate and Charlotte are honestly good people, but pain and miscommunication have a way of throwing even the best people off their stride.  Ms. Kennedy had me caring about these two, which made WELCOME TO PARADISE impossible to put down.

WELCOME TO PARADISE is the first story in a series by the same title, and I can definitely say Ms. Kennedy has me impatient for more books.  While the focus of WELCOME TO PARADISE is undoubtedly on Nate and Charlotte, Ms. Kennedy nevertheless brings the town of Paradise to life and introduces many characters that I am dying to know more about.  I’m hoping Ms. Kennedy plans for this to be a long series because there are a plethora of men and women in Paradise that seem to be begging for a story.

Elle Kennedy’s stories are wildly addictive, and WELCOME TO PARADISE is no exception.  It’s sexy, romantic, emotional and, ultimately, heartwarming.  I adored WELCOME TO PARADISE, and I can’t wait for the next book in the series, TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lily

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