Not Enough

Author: Wynter Daniels

Publisher: Smashwords

Release Date: April 19, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Salon owner Kitty Murphy has poured years of blood, sweat and tears into her business. There’s no way she’s going to sit back and allow some developers to come in and destroy everything she worked so hard to build. That isn’t the only problem she’s having - her son, Josh, is fighting an uphill battle against drug addiction. When the handsome entrepreneur, Harrison Wentworth III, begins to court her, she’s sure it’s a ploy to get her to agree to sign away her business, but what if he’s genuinely interested?

Harrison Wentworth III owns the vast majority of Wentworth Development Group. While he does need her to sign a contract which would deed her shop over to his company, that isn’t his primary objective in courting her. He’s drawn to her stubborn nature and warmhearted personality but convincing her of his sincerity is far more challenging then he anticipated.

Kittens which were left at Kitty’s house are the catalyst that starts The Kitty Club. Kitty knows she can’t keep them all but insists that the ones she adopts out go to good homes. Three of the kittens go to friends and Kitty opts to meet periodically so that the cats can ‘visit’ and so that she can be sure they're receiving the care they deserve. Finding them good homes will be one less worry off her mind. Her real concern lies with her son Josh. He’s just moved back in with her and he swears that he’s quit using drugs. Kitty prays that he’s telling the truth but she isn’t about to take him at his word. What she doesn’t know is that Josh has a girlfriend, Brooke, who’s pregnant. What will happen to her and the baby if he resorts back to drug use?

Kitty doesn’t deny her attraction to Harrison but she’s realistic and knows that there could never be any chance of a serious relationship between them. Their backgrounds are just too different and don’t mesh well. Getting involved in a relationship of any sort with a man who wants to destroy her business isn’t a good idea, but Harrison is persistent and she may not be able to resist him for long. What will his reaction be when he learns about Josh’s drug problem and that Kitty is singlehandedly doing everything in her power to save him?

Grab yourself a box of tissues before you start reading Wynter Daniels' NOT ENOUGH. With larger than life characters and realistic situations that will pull at your heartstrings this is one story you won’t be able to put down until you’ve read every last word. Kitty and Harrison definitely make a wonderful couple. They’re both strong willed and their battle over her salon is just the beginning of what turns out to be a relationship full of ups and downs. Josh’s drug addiction plays a major role in this storyline with some very unexpected results. I felt so bad for Kitty - as a mother, you try to do everything possible to help your kids and always end up feeling like you failed. Josh’s girlfriend and her pregnancy provided a fascinating twist to the story that I hadn’t expected - but I really admired her. There is just so much that goes on in this story, from the members of NOT ENOUGH to the going ons in Kitty’s life it’s full of nonstop action that always has you wondering just what will happen next. Absolutely loved it!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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