Twice Victorious

Author: Judith B. Glad

Publisher: Uncial Press

Release Date: 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Estelle ‘Stell’ McCray has worked hard to earn the position of a world-class bicyclist.  Her goal is to ride in the female version of the tour de France, the Sawtooth Classic.  She’s well on her way to achieving that dream – until a serious accident threatens to destroy any hope she has of competing in the race – or any other for that matter.

Adam Vanderhook believes Stell would be perfect as the model of KIWANDA’s new clothing line, CycleWear.  He doesn’t know much about the world of cycling but he does understand about the obsessive drive to be the best in the world and what it can cost you.


Adam isn’t too enthusiastic about the whole CycleWear line or the idea of using amateur athletes as models for it but he’s been outvoted.  Despite his lack of knowledge about cycle racing he attends a race where he watches Stell compete and has to admit that she’d be perfect to endorse the new line.  That is, until she crashes and the damage she suffers is so extensive that it could be months before she’s back on a bike – if ever. 


Adam’s surprised by his concern over Stell’s wellbeing.  He visits her several times and tries to convince her that maybe she could find another interest – after all ‘obsessions’ aren’t healthy.  Stell has her own reasons for being so devoted to her sport and doesn’t believe there’s any way Adam could possibly understand what motivates her.  She’d love to be able to ignore him but reality is she’s fighting an unbelievably attraction to him but at the same time is determined to get better and back on a bike in time to be able to compete at the Sawtooth Classic. 


Adam admits to himself that he’s extremely attracted to Stell but he promised himself long ago that he’d never get involved with a woman so involved in a sport of any kind.  Her training would come first and he has no interest in not being his significant other’s number one priority.  While Stell has issues with her physical health and the reason for her dedication to cycling, Adam has issues of his own that stem from his own experience in the amateur athlete world.  Can Adam come to grips with his own prejudices before he loses any chance of having a loving relationship with Stell?


Judith B. Glad’s TWICE VICTORIOUS blends the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest with the exciting world of competitive bicycling.  Combine that with the burgeoning relationship between Adam and Stell and this is a story that will hold the reader’s interest from beginning to end.  I loved Stell’s dedication to her sport and the reason behind it.  She has strong convictions and isn’t afraid to go after her dreams.  Adam’s driven as well but he’s got some issues from his past that he’s never fully dealt with – and really needs to before it’s too late.  After reading TWICE VICTORIOUS I have a much better appreciation for cyclists and the training they endure.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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