To Katie With Love

Author: Erica Lucke Dean

Publisher: Red Adept Publishing, LLC

Release Date: April 23, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 + RR

Format: EBOOK

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Katie James just turned 29 and to celebrate her special day, she and a group of her coworkers have gone to the local karaoke bar.  Katie really isn’t much of a party girl.  She would rather spend her time with her pretend boyfriend who lives in the pages of a romance novel

Her friends have decided that Katie needs to find a real man and leave her imaginary boyfriend behind.  There doesn’t appear to be any men in the bar who spark Katie’s interest until she gets onstage to sing.  Then suddenly in walks a tall, gorgeous hunk that Katie can’t take her eyes off.

Cooper Maxwell has known Katie as his banker for the last year.  He is invited over to the group's table by one of Katie’s coworkers.  It doesn’t take long for Cooper and Katie to cozy up to one another.  Because Katie doesn’t usually drink, it doesn’t take much for her to become inebriated.  The next thing Katie knows she is waking up from the most wonderful dream where she and Cooper share a tantalizing kiss.

Not knowing where she is at, Katie searches her surroundings.  She finds Cooper asleep on the couch.  When he wakes up to find Katie standing over him, Cooper asks her if she always wakes up in strange places.  Katie reassures him that she doesn’t make a habit of going home with men.  After some conversation, Cooper swoops in and steals a kiss that Katie is only too happy to reciprocate.

This kicks off a new relationship for Katie and Cooper.  Things are going well for the couple, but Cooper doesn’t seem to want to tell Katie what he does for a living.  All that Katie knows is that Cooper seems to have a lot of money.  

When Katie’s mom comes for an unexpected visit and goes snooping through Cooper’s house, she ends up finding two sniper riffles.  This sets Katie’s imagination into overdrive.  She is left to ponder whether Cooper is an assassin.  What ensues next is a mad-cap-adventure that will leave you guessing until the very end.

Katie is a charming character who is true to life.  It is easy to relate to Katie’s inner struggles with self esteem.  It is enchanting to watch Katie bloom as she falls in love with Cooper.  

Cooper is a mysterious character who is hard to pin down.  His reluctance to share intimate details of his life will keep you guessing what he is really up to.  

TO KATIE WITH LOVE has all of the elements of a great story.  It is funny, romantic and mysterious all rolled into one. Erica Lucke Dean will win you over with her fun and feisty writing style. This is one unforgettable story. You won’t want to miss this Romance Junkies Recommend Read!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chris Mead

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