Tilly's Trials

Author: Margaret Blake

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Publishing, LLC

Release Date: June 15, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Tilly Bradbury’s mother had started Tilly Teas and the shop had been so successful that they soon had one in each town within the three surrounding counties. But she feared over expanding would be hazardous for the company since they would be unable to have as much control if the companies were too wide spread. But the death of her mother had taken everything out of her father, making him vulnerable. So Tilly had pushed for her father to take a vacation, a cruise to give him time to heal. But she had never imagined that when he finally took his vacation that he would allow anyone but her to run it. After all, she has been practically running the company for the past twelve months without any problems. She had never suspected that he would turn the running of the company over to Marsh, her ex-husband, the man she had once been in love with. Her father had known how Marsh had betrayed her, which is what made her father’s actions even more devastating to her.

Marsh Masterson did well in his classes and had even been part of the cool crowd in the eleventh grade. He was two years ahead of Tilly, but he had to leave school before graduating to help support his mother. She worked two jobs, one at the supermarket and the other as a cleaning lady at Tilly Teas and at Tilly’s parents’ home. He had found a job at a building site. Eventually, he had started his own company, which was so successful that he insisted that his mother quit work. He bought them a home and she helped him with his business. He had fallen in love with Tilly, but, as he was from the other side of the tracks, he figured he didn’t stand a chance with her. So he concentrated on work and made his fortune. Then he and Tilly started dating and they married.  But they had problems with their intimate life and when Tilly walked in on a scene that looked compromising, she divorced him. He has never stopped loving her, but he is afraid to try again as he knows that she has not sought help for the problems she was having.

Still grieving over the loss of her mother, Tilly is still vulnerable and Marsh is the last man she needs to be with. But Tilly is not one to lie to herself so she has to finally admit that the breakup of her marriage had been as much her fault as Marsh’s. Her refusal to act on her intimacy problems had caused him to end up in another woman’s arms. If only she could have found the courage to confide in Marsh while they were married, they might still be together. Now they are seeing each other often as they work together at Tilly Teas. But just as she gets the courage to address her problem, she finds that Marsh has found someone new. Is it too late for the two of them, or do they still have a chance at a future together?

An emotion-packed tale, TILLY’S TRIALS, the latest novel by talented author Margaret Blake, is a poignant contemporary romance dealing with secrets, misunderstandings and second chances. Once I started reading this story, I became so absorbed in it that I found myself reading late into the night to see how it would turn out. Although Marsh and Tilly fight their feelings for each other due to problems and misunderstandings from their past, they soon find the fight futile. The characters are well-drawn and their problems are believable. I could not help rooting for them to reunite. With humor, clever banter, danger, PTSD, counseling, romance and true love, this story is captivating. I highly recommend this wonderful story and look forward to reading more of Ms. Blake’s works!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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