Thrown (Studs in Spurs, Book 6)

Author: Cat Johnson

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

Release Date: May 20, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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THROWN is a western romance filled with bull riders galore as well as buckle bunnies, girlfriends and wives, stock contractors, ranch owners and all things western.  The vividness of the rodeos with chutes, feisty bulls, ropes and dust made me feel I was there and part of the action.  The boot camp was a novel idea and I could feel their pain as the bull riders participated in yoga classes, went on runs, rode the bulls and so much more. 

Johnson's THROWN was a quick read that I didn't want to put down so I just kept turning the pages to see what would happen next.  The prologue set the stage and whet my appetite for more. The characters were real with wants, needs, fears, happiness, camaraderie, friendships galore, family and friends.  Some were at their peak form and others were hitting bottom but they all worked towards making the others better people.  The despair that Riley felt was almost palpable and I could feel her anguish and pain until Skeeter and his friends stepped in to help.  Watching Skeeter grow as a man was realistic as he stepped up to the plate to organize the help that Riley needed to keep her ranch and her dad's business going.  It was great to see Skeeter speak up for himself when Aaron kept pushing his buttons and tried to make him into what he himself was - someone just out to pick up girls and party when he wasn't in competitions.  There were role models and teachers and Cooper had seen better days but it was refreshing to see him trying to pull himself together.  There was romance, hot and steamy scenes that burnt up the sheets as well as love.  There was closure in many of the relationships in part due to the epilogue and several happily ever afters but there is much more story to tell.  I hope Johnson continues this series for a long time to come.

Johnson is a fairly new to me author and her only other book that I have read is ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOYwhich is the first book of the OKLAHOMA NIGHTS SERIES, so I have a lot of catching up to do and I can't wait.  I'll be reading the first five books in the series so I can get caught up in their lives and see how each of the characters was molded.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jo

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