Echo Falls, Book 2 - The Sweetheart Dance

Author: Patti Ann Colt

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Release Date: February 13, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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When Meg Applegate agreed to go to Echo Falls yearly Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Dance, all she wanted was to end up in the arms of Bret Cara, the man she has been lusting after for the past two years. Bret however has clear guidelines about matters of the heart and he has never swayed from them. When Meg has to be rescued, that becomes another matter totally.  No one has the right to hurt the woman he has the hardest time trying not to care about.

When Meg does find herself ending the night with Bret, but under circumstances that she would have never imagined, she take a chance and goes for the kiss that has them heading on to a path that neither of them can turn back from, but also a path that one of them won’t commit to.


Bret follows where Meg leads, but on his terms and that's exactly how he wants it or is it?  When too much of a good thing, becomes the thing he now wants, he has no idea of how to deal with it.  He has never wanted something that would last, now that he does – he may just desire the one woman who is willing to let him go.


Ms. Colt has taken us back to Echo Falls and this time it’s the little sister Meg who has trouble getting the guy. She has no plan beyond ending the night in his arms and albeit that she did, it’s not under the circumstances that she would have liked, but Meg is resourceful and she makes the best of it.


Bret has been running from Meg for the past two years, he knows what he wants and what he doesn’t and it all revolves around Meg.  He gets the girl, but she ends up playing the game better than he even imagined.  Now he wants the rules changed, but can he convince Meg that he’s worth it after the song and dance that he has led her through for the past two years?


THE SWEETHEART DANCE is nothing less than magic, a true love story that has the trials of heartbreak, nosey family, pesky kids and vengeful brothers. Meg and Bret are classic boy and girl next door characters and Ms. Colt has given such a wonderful story with the ebbs and angst that they face – I love this book.


I hope Ms. Colt takes us back to Echo Falls in the very, very near future.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: jhayboy

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