The Sheikh's Bartered Bride: Surrender To The Sheikh

Author: Lucy Monroe

Publisher: Harlequin Presents

Release Date: February 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Catherine Benning often loses herself in daydreams.  She fantasizes about an unknown sheikh, imagining herself a captive in the desert.  In reality she is a librarian living near Seattle.  Shy Catherine doesn't date or have much of a social life at all.  Her father often tries to fix her up with business associates but she isn't interested in pity dates.  Catherine was a tall, awkward teenager with bad skin and she has never managed to shed that self-image.

When Sheikh Hakim bin Omar al Kadar walks into the library, Catherine can't believe her eyes.  The tall, handsome, imposing stranger could easily be the man right out of her fantasies.  He's come to the library to research stargazing, a favorite hobby of Catherine's.  As they talk, Catherine can hardly believe how well they are getting along.  Could he be interested in her as a woman?  Surely a man like Hakim is used to exotic beauties, not drab, virginal wallflowers like herself.


Hakim is pleasantly surprised when he meets Catherine Benning.  She's much more than he expected.  Unknown to Catherine, her father is trying to arrange an alliance between his company and Hakim's country, Jawhar.  A marriage between Catherine and Hakim, a sheikh and nephew of the King of Jawhar, is part of the deal.  After meeting Catherine, Hakim realizes he will find pleasure in his duty.


Catherine's dreams have come true.  She's in love with a gorgeous, caring and attentive man who wants her for herself and not because of who her father is.  She has no idea that she's part of a business deal. What will happen if Catherine discovers that she and Hakim met by design and not by chance?  Does Hakim truly love Catherine or is he simply fulfilling his duty to family and country? 


Lucy Monroe has created a gorgeous, sensual alpha male who knows how to sweep a woman off of her feet.  No wonder Catherine fell so easily in love with Hakim.  She's from a wealthy family but she knows what it's like to feel as if she'll never be good enough or pretty enough in the eyes of others.  Hakim's attention does wonders for her self-esteem.  Catherine deserves happiness and Hakim has the potential be just the man to help her find it.  I couldn't help but hope that he would realize the true depth of his feelings for Catherine, allowing them both to find love and happiness in their marriage.   THE SHEIKH'S BARTERED BRIDE is a sensual, fanciful tale of a modern-day marriage of convenience.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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