The Senator's Daughter

Author: Debbie Wallace

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

Release Date: 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Sophie is a charming young lady who is about to be married to a man whose only agenda is to use her family as leverage for his own personal gain.  One evening after returning home, she answers the door and comes face to face with the sexiest man she has ever laid eyes on.  Only to discover she is about to become his captor in a kidnapping scheme.  Sophie is stunned at the powerful attraction that scorches the air around them.  Will Sophie give in to the demands of a blackmailer and lose the only man she has ever loved?  Or will her love for Brent make her strong enough to call off a sham of a wedding?

Brent is a mysterious man who put his life’s ambition to travel on hold for a dear friend.  On the bequest of his friend, he takes one more job that turns out to be more trouble than they anticipated.  When Brent confronts Sophie, he was not anticipating the spirited temper that is hidden under the cool façade that only the public sees.  As the intensity of the situation increases, so does the attraction to the feisty woman who has captured his heart.  Will Brent abort his mission and tell Sophie the truth?  Or will he lose the love of his life because of his commitment to his friend?


Debbie Wallace pens a charismatic tale weaved with angst, mystery and a powerful attraction that had this reader turning the pages quickly to see how the tale would end.   I laughed at the antics, winced when things got intense and cried in all the right places. 


I really enjoyed Sophie as a heroine.  She is sassy, smart and not afraid to take chances.  Sophie loves her father and is willing to do anything to protect him.  When Brent, her kidnapper, shows up in her life, she discovers what true love is all about.


Brent is an appealing man who is afraid to let love in his heart again.  While in close quarters with Sophie, Brent realizes that all women are not the same.  He knows in his heart that he has found the perfect woman for him, but he is unsure if he will be able to convince Sophie that she belongs with him.


THE SENATOR’S DAUGHTER is definitely a book I would recommend and I look forward to reading more of Ms. Wallace’s charming tales.




By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Billie Jo

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