The Savakis Mistress

Author: Annie West

Publisher: Milld & Boon Modern

Release Date: August 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Callie Manolis has just gotten out of a six year marriage that had been arranged by her uncle to sweeten a business deal. She’d foolishly agreed, believing it was the only way to save her family. She was done with being manipulated and controlled; determined to make a way for herself and find love.  Drawn in by a Greek god, she’d let down her façade and given into the promises of passion he ignited with his gaze, never expecting the stranger to show up at her uncle’s villa that same night as a dinner guest.

Damon Savakis, now a powerful businessman, set out to seek revenge on those who’d wronged his family. After the business dinner that would set things in motion, he’d locate the mysterious little temptress who’d seduced him that day, invoking feelings like no other. Upon his arrival at the Manolis estate, nothing could prepare Damon for the shock and anger at finding out the siren was his enemy’s niece. He’d thought her to be real and genuine, but now he saw her to be calculating and greedy like the many other women of high society he’d encountered. Despite circumstances, he still had an overwhelming desire to have her again so Damon comes up with a plan that will force Callie to be his mistress.



What starts out as a game to get Callie back in his bed until he’s had his fill is soon deterred by her seemingly real innocence, but it is hard to believe she is more than the vicious socialite Damon had her pegged for. Callie’s plan to keep the remaining shreds of her pride and her indifference toward Damon intact slowly crumbles as she sees glimpses of a tender caring man, a contrast to the brutal tycoon as she first believed.  Old wounds that still surface are hard to break free from, but neither can douse the overwhelming desire they feel for each or the unexplainable connection that draws them together.



THE SAVAKIS MISTRESS gives a glimpse of the passion and mysterious intrigue contained within along with promises of much more from the first pages. As I continued reading, I became enthralled by the overwhelming emotions; greed, betrayal, pride, and deep desire are brilliantly captured. Annie West delivers dynamic characters, witty dialogue, and an engaging storyline.  I felt a genuine connection with the protagonists, and compassion for all that they had endured. Ms. West has a remarkable way of portraying the beauty and complexity of relationships that any reader will be drawn to.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Pamela Denise

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