Jamette & Joseph, book 2 - The Road to Something Better

Author: Gracie Lee Rose

Publisher: Renee Vincent

Release Date: April 21, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: EBOOK

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After a disastrous dating history, coffee shop owner Jamie Sutherland figures she has no chance with the sexy new neighbor next door. Still, realizing that he bears his own scars from the past, she is eager to know him better. Jamie enjoys the time they spend together. After all, here is a man she can feel comfortable around. She wants to get to know him better, but she figures that friendship is all he is offering.

Joseph was devastated when his childhood girlfriend walked out of his life, and then was embarrassed at being caught out in his hallway in nothing but a towel by his next door neighbor, Jamie. But as he gets to know Jamie, he finds that she makes him feel more comfortable than any other woman ever has. He knows that they have limited their connection to friendship, but he longs to take it further, so he gets her to agree to a date. But then everything goes haywire.

Just as Jamie awaits their first date, believing herself to be on the ROAD TO SOMETHING BETTER after all the dating mistakes she has made in the past, Jamie encounters Joseph’s ex-girlfriend at five in the morning. Is Joseph trying to string her along while he resumes his relationship with his ex, or could there be another reason for his ex to be in his apartment at such an early hour?

A sweet, contemporary tale, the second volume of the JAMETT AND JOSEPH series, short story THE ROAD TO SOMETHING BETTER is the sequel to THE START OF SOMETHING GOOD, in which Jamie and Joseph first meet in the hallway outside of their loft apartments. This story picks up where that one left off. One hilarious encounter after another ensues in this story as Jamie and Joseph get to know each other better. The chemistry pulses from the page amid much laughter and love, and the two seem to share the same sense of humor. Readers will find it hard not to fall for Joseph, and Jamie is his perfect match. These two together are pure magic and I can’t wait to read the next installment, THE GIFT OF SOMETHING GRAND, due out in May. Take my advice and pick up a copy of this charming romance for yourself. Cozying up with this story and your favorite drink is a delightful way to spend an afternoon!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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