The Merry Widow

Author: Adriana Kraft

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Release Date: January 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0

Format: EBOOK

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Make up for lost time which is what the heroine, Merry Delaney does in the Merry Widow by Adriana Kraft.   Following the death of her husband from a long illness, Merry finds herself awakened sexually by her best friend Camille.   Camille wakes Merry up by kissing her one day.   Merry begins to question who she is sexually because she enjoyed the kiss from Camille.   After much soul-searching and advice from her daughter, she decides to explore a sexual relationship with Camille and other women as well.   How had she let herself miss life like this, Merry keeps asking herself?   She soon embarks on a journey of sexual discovery experimenting with types of sex as well as genders of sexual partners.   One of her sexual partners is her best friend of over twenty years Camille who awakens her to bisexuality.   Merry is enjoying herself so much Camille dubs her “The Merry Widow”.  


Detective Jim Barnes enters Merry’s life as she is on her journey, getting her to work with police to track the mob, who are using her accounting business to cover up phony businesses.   What starts as a business arrangement becomes more personal.   As Merry and Jim grow closer, she begins to feel threatened by the feelings sprouting between them.   She tries to keep him in one compartment of her life and Camille and the other women she hooks up with in a separate compartment.   Merry and Jim go through many difficulties as they both try to stay aloof and yet closer together.   When the mob threatens to expose Merry’s nightly activities to her other customers will she continue to help Jim or will she end things between them?   As Merry begins to grow closer to Jim, Camille begins to express some jealous tendencies.   Jim is not comfortable with Merry’s relationship with Camille but does not try to distract her from it.   Will Camille be able to keep both Jim and Camille?   Will Merry give up her “new activities” for a relationship with Jim or will the mob end her life before she begins to live?



All I can say is Hot!!!!!   Just reading about Merry’s activities makes me tired.   Where does she get the energy and stamina?   It is a very enjoyable, often hilarious story.   I compliment Ms. Kraft on creating an engaging story that leaves the reader cheering for Merry, no matter who she chooses to stay with, as long as she is able to live.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: tasha

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