The Legacy Tree

Author: Rida Allen

Publisher: Writers Club Press

Release Date: September 2002

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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When Robyn Douglass and Erik Richards first meet, they are twelve years old.  And like typical twelve-year-olds on a family summer vacation, they are bored.  The main attraction is Peanut, Robyn’s big yellow dog who fetches.  Until Robyn met Erik that summer, her dog was her only companion.  But the following year, they meet again on summer vacation, and share Cheetos, swimming, and playing fetch with their four-legged partner in crime.  One year later, Erik eagerly awaits Robyn and Peanut’s arrival.  But this year, only Robyn comes, and thus begins THE LEGACY TREE with Erik vowing to always take care of his friend.

Ten years pass, and Robyn and Erik have remained very close by staying in constant touch via letters and email.  Their friendship is as strong as ever though they live miles apart and lead separate lives. 


The year Robyn turns twenty-five, Erik decides they should celebrate in style.  Together.  They meet at their childhood campsite for the weekend, and this time they share a tent.  But has their romantic passion ruined their cherished friendship? 


Rida Allen has woven a wonderful tale about best friends who also become soul mates.  Known for her voluptuous, curvy heroines, this author has developed Robyn’s character so that her curves are sexy and not the main emphasis of the story.  Erik is a real-life guy.  He is sweet; he gets his feelings hurt; he is masculinely possessive.  And in the end, he gets his woman.  The love scenes are sensual and passionate.  The story is tender, yet gripping at times.  And, best of all, the legacy tree is an integral part of the lives and history of both Robyn and Erik.


With its beautiful cover photography, THE LEGACY TREE is a book that will decorate your coffee table as well as being a pleasure to read.


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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Brooke Wills

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