Jamett & Joseph, book 3, The Gift of Something Grand

Author: Gracie Lee Rose

Publisher: Renee Vincent

Release Date: May 3, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: EBOOK

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Since the first moment that Jamie Sutherland caught a glimpse of her sexy next door neighbor, Joseph, wearing nothing but a towel in their hallway she has been falling in love with him. Despite the occasional reappearances of his ex-girlfriend, they have been growing closer. Even in her sleep, her body made its way to his bed. Unfortunately, they had been visiting his sister at the time. Joseph is even helping her deal with her latest quandary. Her grandmother, who is beginning to lose her memory, is moving to Florida with Jamie’s parents. Although her grandmother lives two hours away, Jamie loves that she can visit her when the mood strikes. That won’t be possible with her living so far away and her grandmother’s home, that has been a haven for Jamie all of her life, is being sold. If not for this, Jamie’s life would be almost ideal. She has a successful coffee shop business, I Love You a Latte, and she is in love. There is only one other problem. Her boyfriend cannot say those three little words that Jamie longs to hear. With her previous line of disastrous boyfriends, she really needs to know where she stands with him.

Joseph Scarbrough, the super for the apartment building where he and Jamie live, cannot believe how wonderful his love life is now that Jamie has come into it. He has known his ex-girlfriend, Caroline, since childhood and so now she is having a hard time accepting their breakup. She has a key to his apartment and lets herself in whenever she wants to. Even changing the locks on his door does not deter her. He knows he is going to have to do something soon to keep from losing the woman he loves. However, as much as he wants Jamie in his life, he is having a hard time saying the words. But with her past, even those may not be enough. Will his actions express how he feels, or can he finally bring himself to say the words before he loses the woman he loves?

A fun read, THE GIFT OF SOMETHING GRAND, the third book in author Gracie Lee Rose’s JAMETT AND JOSEPH series, is a hilarious, yet heartwarming, contemporary romance. The emotional connection between Jamie and Joseph is undeniable as they let their relationship slowly develop. After reading all three stories, I will really miss visiting with this delightful couple. Gracie Lee Rose is the contemporary alter ego of bestselling historical author Renee Vincent. As a huge fan of Ms. Vincent’s work, I was interested in experiencing how she handles writing about today’s world and found that she excels in whatever genre she cares to explore. This story is an absolute delight, with realistic characters, true-to-life emotion, spirited humor and loads of love!

The books in this series, THE START OF SOMETHING GOOD, THE ROAD TO SOMETHING BETTER and THE GIFT OF SOMETHING GRAND are meant to be read together and in just that order. If you are looking for a charming story, with a bit of heat and plenty of humor, pick up a copy of THE GIFT OF SOMETHING GRAND as well as the other stories in this wonderful series. I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I did!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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