The Flower Girls

Author: Margaret Blake

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

Release Date: available now

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Originally from England, Poppy Lord moved a decade ago to Florida, where she loves her lifestyle. But after receiving letters from her sister, Jasmine, who begs Poppy to come to her, citing her fear of her cruel husband, Poppy leaves everything behind and goes to her. The girls lost their mother to drugs when they were in their mid-teens. After that, the girls, who are known as the Flower Girls due to their names, went to live with their aunt. Throughout their childhood, Jasmine was pampered, leaving her quite spoiled and nothing has changed over the years.  When Poppy arrives in Yorkshire at Jasmine’s home, she discovers that her sister has already left. The home is beautiful, but there is a gloomy atmosphere there. Meeting Seth, Jasmine’s husband, Poppy realizes that he is not the type of man that Jasmine is normally drawn to, but she can’t deny her own attraction to him.

Seth Sanderson is an author of political thrillers and had once been a foreign correspondent. He did not know if his exciting career was what had drawn Jasmine to him, but he would be the first to admit that their marriage has been over for some time. His wife frequently takes off and he is aware that she is cheating on him. Seth is surprised by Poppy, who is not like Jasmine at all and his attraction to Poppy is unexpected.

As days go by with no word from Jasmine, the attraction between Poppy and Seth grows, but they do not act upon it. Waiting for Jasmine, they never suspect that they will never see her again. When Jasmine’s body is found out on the moors, Poppy is determined to discover the identity of her killer. As she and Seth work together on this mission, they grow closer together, but Poppy struggles with guilt for her feelings for her dead sister’s widower. Can they discover who killed her sister, and will Poppy be able to work through her guilt and give her and Seth a chance at exploring what they could have together?

An intriguing tale, THE FLOWER GIRLS, the latest book by author Margaret Blake, is an emotion-packed romantic suspense that will keep you guessing. Jasmine has made Seth’s life miserable, but he is still thrown by the circumstances of her death. At first, Seth is suspicious of Poppy, especially since Jasmine never mentioned a sister or that she would be arriving at their home. His marriage was virtually over, although Jasmine kept hanging on. But once he gets to know Poppy, Seth cannot deny his feelings for her. Poppy shares his feelings, but guilt has her second guessing any relationship with him. To help overcome her guilt plus her love for her sister has her pulling out all the stops to find Jasmine’s killer. Will finding her sister’s murderer clear the way for her to have a future with Seth, or are they doomed for heartache?

Mystery, suspects aplenty, secrets, adultery, murder, passion and love intertwine to give readers a captivating read. Ms. Blake’s skillful prose puts readers right into the midst of her story and I, for one, am interested in seeing what she comes up with next. Pick up a copy of THE FLOWER GIRLS and discover the wonderfully entertaining works of author Margaret Blake for yourself!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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