The Farmer Needs a Wife

Author: Janet Gover

Publisher: Little Black Dress Books

Release Date: January 08, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Accomplished editor Helen Woodley decides to take a major risk giving up her position at a successful magazine to work for Australian Life, a less than par month publication. She is on a mission to prove that she can turn things around transforming Australian Life into a popular weekly magazine. Helen comes up with an ingenious plan to boost the publication’s circulation by helping the single farmers of the Australian Outback find wives while enticing the public to read along as love blossoms throughout the countryside. Soon the requests come pouring in and this little campaign will not only change the farmers’ lives, but Helen’s as well.

Peter Nichols is still grieving over the tragic loss of his Karen and has vowed to never let another woman into his heart again. He is getting along fine with his sister Jenny’s help watching over his twins. However, Jenny and her husband are moving to start off on their own and knows her brother will need help. She responds to the ad in Australian Life on his behalf and in enters Donna Boyd. Peter assumes Donna has arrived to be the new nanny, little does he know she is there to be his new bride instead.



Vineyard owner Leigh Kenyon hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to love, but is ready to move past her cheating ex-fiancé.  When she comes across the listing in the Australian Life magazine, she figures she doesn’t have much to lose and submits her application. Besides, Leigh is determined to take her mind off her irritating neighbor that somehow keeps popping up in her thoughts.



Greg Anderson has never felt loved, having to grow up with a bitter father who was always quick to remind him of his shortcomings. In light of his father’s illness, Greg will have to give up his dream of becoming a jewelry designer to run the family farm instead. Deciding his life could use a companion, he sends in his information to Australian Life hoping to find someone he can relate to. Jasi seems to be the woman to fit the bill, but a different source enters his life that has him questioning things.  



Horsebreeder and trainer Matt Redmond is in for a huge surprise when he finds out his daughter Ali has taken his single status into her own hands. Ali thinks it is time for her father to find someone to settle down with and submits his bio and picture to Australian Life. The bombshell is dropped on Matt when he receives a personal letter of rejection that interestingly peaks his curiosity about the sender. Helen had been drawn to the bio of Matt and felt the need to convey her thoughts in the rejection letter personally. A string of replies and responses start the two on a journey neither expected. Though their lifestyles are complete opposites, Helen and Matt hit it off quite well. Slowly Helen’s dreams are changing from high paying career in the city to a more relaxed environment that includes a certain cowboy.



THE FARMER NEEDS A WIFE is a warm light hearted read that speaks of hope while adding in a touch of laughter along the way. Janet Gover has characters that you become quite fond of as you get to know them, and the way they intermingle with each other is quite entertaining. Not only is one touching romance delivered, but several are in fact conveyed, all satisfying and special in their own way. It is a debut novel that is sure to procure Ms. Gover a hefty list of devoted fans.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Pamela Denise

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