The Cowboy Way

Author: Tory Richards

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

Release Date: April 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Wounded from the abrupt ending of a four year relationship, Lacey returns home to her father’s ranch, only to discover that things are not as she remembers them. Her father’s foreman is way too handsome-and infuriating-for her peace of mind. There are also secrets swirling around the ranch-secrets that could hurt her.

Chase was a man with secrets, none of which he was eager to reveal. When he saw Lacey for the first time, he was instantly attracted to her. Too bad she drove him insane. When danger from the past threatens Lacey and her family, Chase decides that he is the man to protect her.


An entertaining cast of secondary characters-especially Chase’s brother Brian and Lacey’s dad-help to add scope to the story. As danger looms over the ranch, and accidents start to happen, will Chase be able to protect Lacey? Will their newly discovered love survive the jealousy of a past lover? Surprising twists and turns help make a great story even better.


THE COWBOY WAY was excellent! Ms. Richards creates an interesting and entertaining cast of characters. Chase is the ultimate alpha, reluctant to express his feelings, controlling at times, but all in the best interests of Lacey. What makes him even more endearing is that he is able to admit when he over-reacts, or when he makes a mistake. Lacey is an excellent match for him. She is independent enough that he can’t walk all over her, without making the mistake of being stupid about it. All in all, THE COWBOY WAY was an entertaining romp in the hay, complete with chaps, skinny-dipping, al fresco nookie, and all the things that are guaranteed to make you wish for a glass of ice water. Excellent job!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: noelle

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