The Chocolate Touch

Author: Laura Florand

Publisher: Kensington

Release Date: July 30, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 + RR

Format: PRINT

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Jaime Corey has come to Paris to recover from a traumatic experience. She has dedicated her life to saving those most in need, but this time, it is Jaime who needs a little saving. Spending time with her sister, Cade, and being surrounded by the beauty of Paris is one step in the healing process. And then of course, there is the chocolate. Jaime craves the chocolate of Dominique Richard most of all and cannot stay away from his shop. And Dom… he notices.

Dom is immediately intrigued by the mystery woman who comes to his chocolate shop, sits at a table and quietly absorbs the taste of his chocolate. He wants to know more about her and soon, his wish becomes a reality. Dom is falling hard for Jaime, even though he has only known her for a short time. They just fit together so well and despite the advice from Cade to stay away from Dom, Jaime just wants him even more. These two may have found their soul mates, if only they can move forward from the past together.

Scrumptious, beautiful and magnificent hardly describe the romance that Laura Florand has penned in THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH. This is a new book in her AMOUR ET CHOCOLAT series but it stands completely alone so my advice is to buy this book immediately. Dom is rough around the edges. He has been hardened by life but he completely melts around Jaime. He wants to be her protector, her knight in shining armor, even when Jaime does not need it.

Dealing with trauma has been difficult for Jaime so meeting Dom has been a blessing. She is sure that this is only a fling for the renowned chocolatier, a man well known for his womanizing ways. But everything changes when Dom meets Jaime and he can see only her. Laura Florand has a deft touch at creating a believable romance within a short time frame. I fell just as hard for Dom as Jaime did. There is something sexy and alluring about the immediate and overwhelming attraction these two share. THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH will leave you craving all of Laura Florand’s stories. She has the writing talent to make herself a long career in romance books. This Parisian treat is a Romance Junkies Recommended Read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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