The Chocolate Kiss - Chocolate series, book 2

Author: Laura Florand

Publisher: Kensington Books

Release Date: January 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Magalie Chaudron loves her aunts’ shop, La Maison des Sorcieres, on the Ile Saint-Louis in Paris. It is the home she has craved all her life, as she was buffeted between her two parents. Magalie is horror stricken however when she learns that Philippe Lyonnais is opening one of his famous pastry shops on the Ile. She is sure it will put her aunts’ small store out of business. How can their chocolate compete with his famous talent?

Philippe is infuriated by Magalie. To refuse to taste one of his world famous macarons is a mistake he will make her regret. Except, it is not that easy. As Philippe tries to tempt Magalie to try his pastries, he is drawn in by her. She matches wits with him, is unafraid to storm into his kitchen and yell at him, but remains locked-up against his heart, much as he tries to break past her barriers. Philippe has no desire to steal her stability; he only wants the chance to make a place for himself. With his imposing personality and grand laugh, Philippe scares Magalie. She knows to give herself to him may mean she loses herself in the process. Will these two find a balance?

THE CHOCOLATE KISS is absolutely exquisite from start to finish. I fell in love with the food and Magalie’s famous chocolat chaud. I wanted to taste Philippe’s macarons even as Magalie turned them away. This book is a balance in richness and sensuality. Philippe and Magalie appear to be combatants but, at least on Philippe’s part, that changes to desire. Magalie does not quite understand what she wants for much of the story but it leads to many wonderful conflicts between them. The dialogue is top-notch, the setting comes to life, and the love that blooms between Magalie and Philippe is the stuff of a romance reader’s dreams. This book is the second in Laura Florand’s CHOCOLATE series but it stands wholly on its own. Laura Florand had me hooked from page one. As soon as I finished, I wanted to dive back in for seconds. THE CHOCOLATE KISS is pure reading addiction.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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