The Boyfriend Of The Month Club

Author: Maria Geraci

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: December 7, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Boyfriends! Bah! You can love them or you can hate them. Grace O’Bryan decides to take action after being burned so many times by men. Grace and her friends have a little book club, at her dad’s store, Florida Charlie’s Gift Shop, which she also manages. They decide to turn their group into a hash out session on men, where comparisons are made to literary heroes and data based on the internet. This last idea was courtesy of her best friend Ellen. Woo boy! Little did they realize how out of hand this could get?

At first, the club was fun, with just the four of them, Grace, Sarah, Penny and Ellen, but soon the whole town and possibly, fields afar want in on the action. The club’s success takes off like wildfire, with help from unlikely sources. Grace initially just wanted to diss on the men in her life to her friends. First it was Felix, the sinfully, cheating, chocolate man, then it was Brandon, the laid- back, vanilla man who was too good to be true, and then Joe, the professional, sexy dentist. When did life start raining men?


Men everywhere, lookout! BOYFRIEND OF THE MONTH CLUB is a comical and perceptive look at the singles-dating scene where men’s faults are dissected. Four best friends decide to embark on the makeover of a lifetime with their book club, where conversations about failed relationships with men are cataloged on the internet. Whoever thought that men could be similar to literary figures? Women of all ages flock to the club, empowered by its mantra.


Is there more than one way to skin an onion? Brandon, sexy and rich, who offers to get Florida Charlie’s gift shop back on track, does he have an ulterior motive? Then there is the secretive, sexy Joe, the dentist who is all business on the surface but has something lurking beneath those macho layers. Grace does not know what to think since each of her dates with them were disasters. In addition, how can she forget lying, cheating Felix. Ugh! There are many secrets revealed along the way, and as tough a woman as Grace is, she gets the surprise of her life! Author Geraci’s great gift is her ability to make readers laugh at the inanities of the dating arena with her spunky, independent women and strong, but flawed men. The action is fast, the characters are smart in addition to being sassy and the one-liners never stop. BOYFRIEND OF THE MONTH CLUB is a hoot! Like a very hard to resist, drippy ice cream cone!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele Rioli

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