Tasty Treats Volume 1

Author: Jenny Penn, Eve Adams, Amber Carlton, Dee S. Knight

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Release Date: June 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Rachel was a woman stuck in a rut. A quiet, staid, almost thirty reporter, she wanted one good fling before she settled for a boring life. When her best friend let it slip that she was at a party hosted by a scandalous club, Rachel couldn’t resist staking it out, just to see if she could get a good story. She never dreamed she was biting off much more then she could chew.

Killian and Adam drew the short stick for the weekend, and it just sucked. Relegated to guard duty at the weekend party for the Cattlemen’s Club, it was their responsibility to keep the locals away, and keep the club’s secrets private. When they discovered Rachel snooping around, it was almost too good to be true. But would their one night of fun and games turn into so much more?


RACHEL’S SEDUCTION was excellent! Killian cracked me up, because he was such a stereotypical tough guy, but he did have a soft side he was just too afraid to reveal. I also liked Adam’s character, because he was a great complement to Killian’s rough edges, and they both were perfect for Rachel. The romance between them was very well done, and smoking hot. All in all, RACHEL’S SEDUCTION was a fantastic book in the CATTLEMEN’S CLUB series.





Leah was a woman on the run. When she stopped in a small town in rural Montana, all she wanted was a good meal and a place to sleep. Imagine her surprise to discover a real live cowboy, ready and willing to play. Even better, he had an equally handsome brother, and they did everything together!


When he went into the grocery store that night, Cole had just been looking for something to snack on. When he saw Leah, he knew he had found something much better. After inviting her out to his ranch, and knew he and his brother were in for a good time, and maybe this girl would be the one who would be more then just a fling.


Wow, RIDING LESSONS was one steamy story! Leah was adventurous and willing to try anything, and Cole and Jesse were a great match for her. The romance scenes were scorching hot, making this an excellent second book in the RIDING SERIES





Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed, and Mackenzie was having one of those days. Just one thing after another, and then to top off the day, she falls at the supermarket, and nearly knocks herself loopy. The positive side of the day was she met two very handsome young men, who were willing to take care of her.


Mick and Sean had just been shopping for stuff for their frat brothers when they met Mac. Obviously having one hell of a day, they helped her out, and then took her home. They were both very attracted to her, but would she be able to get past the difference in their ages to give them a chance?


I wish my bad days ended like Mac’s did! That would be so nice! Sean and Mick were both very sweet, and I really liked them. The whole age difference kinda threw me off to start with, but as the story progressed, I didn’t even notice it, and it really didn’t matter. Mac really kinda reminded me of myself, so I really felt for her. All in all, MACKENZIE’S MELTDOWN was a very good story!



THE ELIXER by Dee S. Knight


In the parking lot of a grocery store, a tragic accident sends Barb 800 years into the future, into the arms of Thomas and Roland. Reeling from pain and the strange new world she finds herself in, Barb struggles to find herself. Fascinated with her two handsome rescuers, Barb quickly starts to have feelings for both of them, and discovers several very interesting things about herself.


On Earth, 800 years in the future, the world is a much different place. Women have nearly disappeared, and the ones left are strictly controlled by the government. The sun is dying, so colonization of new planets has begun for the select few chosen by the government. So when Thomas and Roland find Barb, they couldn’t believe their luck. Will they be able to keep Barb, or will it cost them their lives?


THE ELIXER was a very interesting story. I really liked the futuristic setting, and the ending of the story was very good as well. Thomas and Roland really balanced each other well, and they were both so caring towards Barb. All in all, THE ELIXER was a hot and steamy read!




By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Noelle

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