Summer Letters

Author: Dan Petermeier

Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, L.L.C.

Release Date: October 1, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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SUMMER LETTERS has a depth to it that was totally unexpected.  Not only did the story have a lot of twists and turns along with morals, faith, family and friends but the characters were multifaceted and had many layers to them that were slowly peeled back so we could get to know them including their quirks.

Petermeier's SUMMER LETTERS was an interesting read that was not what I envisioned at all.  The prologue leaves many unanswered questions that remain that way until the epilogue at the end of the book when we come full circle and I finally get the answers I was seeking throughout the book. Liam had a quirky over the top way about him especially in his dealings with his friends - Arielle, Liz, Morgan and ultimately Summer, whom he started out with as pen pals due to a friend in college passing on his letter to her that he only wrote due to his sister's insistence. Ultimately they were each glad that fate had a hand in them "meeting" the way they did. We learned a lot about them through their thoughts on the written page and through phone calls and I for one was glad that it became more than friendship since they seemed so right for each other. Liam is religious as is Summer and they both come from large families. He is especially close to his younger sister, Emma, who also is friends with his friends which is a little weird at times while Summer is also close to her brother Brandon and they even attend the same college.  Arielle and Liam drifted apart in the normal course of their friendship but their friendship played a big part in the story. Liz, his first love, and Liam needed closure to their relationship which didn't come until the end of the story due to Liam's inability to deal with their breakup.  I disliked Morgan from the beginning and could never warm up to her.  She was often devious and a liar and had a dark side that was never fully revealed to us.  Unexpectedly she did the right thing at the end of the story which I never saw coming.  The letters between Liam and Summer were heartwarming and endearing.  They had humor, loss, suffering, laughter, truth, secrets revealed, were emotional and were truly representative of each of them and was the jumping off point for their friendship.  There was nice closure by the end of the book with all the loose ends tied up and a happily ever after that was romantic and loving but seemed eerie since it was too close to Liam and Liz's brush with love.  The epilogue was nice to read but I felt a little disconnected because it was too far into the future without warning and there were so many new things introduced that we were never a part of in the story.

Petermeier is a new author and if this is his caliber of writing I look forward to reading other books that he pens.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jo

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