Something About You

Author: Julie James

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: March 2, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Cameron Lynde, an Assistant U.S. Attorney has gotten a hotel room because her hardwood floors are being refinished.  Her relaxed night is not to be as she is woken up around three in the morning by the people in the room next door to hers having sex.  Quite loudly.  Finally, however, the noise stops and Cameron is able to return to dreamland – until they start up again.  Enough is enough, and Cameron calls the front desk asking for security to help.  Spying through the peephole, Cameron sees a hooded man leave the room and quickly go down the stairs.  Not thinking anything else about it, she tries to return to bed only to once again hear noises in the hall – this time it is hotel security and they are calling for 911!

Jack Pallas has been given the task of investigating the murder of a prostitute.  The deceased woman isn’t any prostitute – she is the regular call girl of a famous and rich U.S. Senator.  The only witness in the case is the woman staying in the room next door – and it is with great trepidation but somewhat amusing karma that the woman in question is Cameron Lynde.  Jack hasn’t forgotten what she did to his career three years ago, and he knows she hasn’t either.  What Jack doesn’t realize is that looks can be deceiving, and the person he trusts least in the world is actually someone who he just might have to work with in order to solve this case – if they both can stand to be around the other without giving in to temptation. 


Jack Pallas and Cameron Lynde – what can I say about these two lead characters that will tell readers just how much I adored the both of them? Jack was smoking hot – and not just for Cameron.  He has bad manners some of the time and doesn’t think before he speaks most of the time. I found him to be a combination of bad boy versus lothario versus sweet lover.  With his job on the line, Jack doesn’t want to trust Cameron, but his feelings for her soon overpower his reluctance.  The sexual tension between these two is enough to ignite a fire – you can see their feelings on their faces.  Add in a surprising and fun cast of characters, not least of all the policemen assigned to ‘protect’ Cameron, and SOMETHING ABOUT YOU is a suspenseful, humorous, and truly sexy read. 


Put another check mark in the winner box!  SOMETHING ABOUT YOU showcases Julie James’ remarkable writing ability by establishing her as one of the newest and most talented comedic contemporary authors today!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natalie

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