Seven Sexy Sins

Author: Serenity Woods

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: August 7, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Faith Hillman isn’t afraid to tackle issues in her magazine and website articles that would make many women blush, however, her latest assignment could prove to be a little more difficult than she expected.  Following an article she wrote about women’s sex lives she received a number of comments that gave her the idea to write a series based on the seven deadly sins called “Seven Sexy Sins.”  The problem is that she’s never experienced any of the sins she plans to write about – and how can she possibly write about activities she’s personally never experienced?


After discussing her story idea and her lack of experience with her brother and their friends, Faith is embarrassed but determined.  Unfortunately she’s recently broke up with her boyfriend so not going to get any help there.  One of their friends, Toby, eagerly agrees to be her test subject but Faith won’t even consider him even though she loves him dearly as a friend.  While giving her a ride home another friend, Rusty, offers his services – and Faith accepts – but with conditions firmly in place to protect them from messy emotional entanglements. 


Rusty Thorne has watched Faith grow into a beautiful woman but because of his friendship with her overprotective brother has adapted a ‘hands off’ approach – especially since he sported a black eye courtesy of Dan because of a kiss he and Faith shared on her eighteenth birthday.  He’s never pushed his luck because he’s afraid he’ll behave as his father had and he doesn’t want to put any woman through that sort of heartache.  Helping Faith out with her current project would be a distinct pleasure without the worry of dating or happily-ever-after. 


Where Rusty and Faith go very wrong is in assuming that a contract would keep them safe from falling in love with one another.  Oh sure they deny it and do their best to adhere to the terms of the contract but that’s easier said than done.  And there is that little issue of what’s going to happen if Dan finds out the real name of the ‘Beau’ in Faith’s articles.


SEVEN SEXY SINS is a delightfully fun read that made me smile as much as it made me wonder at the lack of intimacy between couples.  Through each of the sexy sins Serenity Woods provides readers with unique ways to make sex more meaningful in relationships.  What I particularly loved about this story is how Ms. Woods makes the interactions between Rusty and Faith fun yet serious at the same time – and I adored how they managed to pull off keeping their sexual sessions secret from all their friends and her brother.  This is one of those cool stories that contains a more insightful storyline along with characters who will steal their way into your heart.  I highly recommend SEVEN SEXY SINS for anyone who loves erotic romance but especially for women looking for ways to spice up their love life.  

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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