Secrets of a Shy Socialite

Author: Wendy S. Marcus

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: February 1, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: EBOOK

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Growing up, socialite Jena Piermont had been the good twin while her sister Jaci was considered the wild one. While her sister was hanging out with her friends, Jena took care of their mother, who was dying of breast cancer. She could never forget how distant her father became after her mother was diagnosed with the disease. Since high school Jena has had a crush on Justin. So one night while she was out, she had run into him while he was drinking heavily. Mistaken for her twin Jaci, she went along with his misconception even after the encounter turned intimate. That night she became pregnant with twin girls. So she left the state and had her twins, but while pregnant she discovered that she carried the mutant gene for breast cancer. Now she has secret plans to deal with it…plans that not even her twin knows about. Returning to town and moving in with Jaci, she is set to let Justin know that he is a father. Jena and Jaci’s father had been overbearing when they were growing up and Jaci used to act out to garner her father’s attention so he would leave their sick mother alone. That is one reason she gained her reputation for being wild. But their father had even tried to control them from his grave by stipulating in his will that for the girls to gain their inheritance of twenty-five million each, they had to be happily married by the time they were twenty-five, which is only a couple of months away.

Justin, a police officer, is not known for staying with one girl for any amount of time. Still he is horrified when he wakes up with ‘Jaci’ who he has a lot of respect for. She is a good friend and he helps her out with the shelter for battered women that she started by providing security for her when he is needed. But when he discovers that Jaci is actually Jena, it is even worse. He remembers Jena from high school as being snobby, not realizing that, rather than being snobby, she was actually shy. To make matters worse, he discovered that the condom from their night together had broken and was glad that nothing had resulted. So he is shocked to discover that he now has twin daughters. As he becomes accustomed to the idea of being a father, he becomes very protective of his daughters and Jena.

As they spend time together, Justin begins to realize that Jena is not the snob he had thought her to be and he begins falling in love with her. But when he tries to get her to marry him, she refuses. She could not bear to have Justin look at her the way that her father had looked at her mother. Still Justin cannot imagine not having Jena and his daughters in his life every day. He knows that Jena is hiding something from him, but he cannot imagine what it is. Can he convince Jena that they belong together? Will he be able to handle her plans for her future?

An emotion-packed read, SECRETS OF A SHY SOCIALITE, the second book in gifted author Wendy S. Marcus’ BEYOND THE SPOTLIGHT series, is a captivating, sensual contemporary romance that I could not put down until I reached the delicious ending. This story is sure to touch hearts as Jena deals with her newborn twins and the secret that may take her away from them. Additionally, she is beleaguered by her stepbrother, who is very much like their father, and tries to set the twin sisters up to marry his colleagues, aiding him in his business, despite their aversion to his plans. I loved watching how Justin handles all of the changes in his life, starting with fatherhood, and I could not help rooting for him and Jena. Packed with secrets, unexpected parenthood, breast cancer, realistic characters, a poignant plot, passion, clever dialogue, romance and love, this story is one you will not soon forget. To gain further insight into this series and for additional enjoyment, be sure to check out the first book in this series, Jaci’s story, CRAVING HER SOLDIER’S TOUCH. I highly recommend SECRETS OF A SHY SOCIALITE and look forward to seeing what Ms. Marcus comes up with next. Do not miss it!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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