Roping the Wind

Author: Kate Pearce

Publisher: Virgin Cheek

Release Date: February 5, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: Print

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After twelve years as a rodeo bull rider, Jay Turner is finally at the end of his career.   Due to a busted up knee he can no longer compete.   Needing medical attention, he approaches Dr. Helen Kinsale who is the one doctor Jay doesn’t care for.   Helen has been trying to convince Jay to take another career path before he destroys his knee completely, but her counseling falls on deaf ears.   Helen is struggling with her career as well, not certain of the direction to take at the hospital.   When she does surgery on Jay’s knee and things get more personal between them it will force both to take a good hard look at their lives.  

Hang on to your hats and prepare for an erotic journey with two lonely people who seem to soothe something in each other.   Kate Pearce realistically presents their individual struggles with career paths.   The internal conflicts are ones I was able to empathize with and cheered them on to a quick resolution of their problems.   The erotic journey to love is explicitly portrayed and not for the faint of heart, with plenty of variation and intensity.   The secondary cast is realistic and did not detract from the main focus of the story.   Jay is a hero many women would love to call their own, while Helen is a strong and independent heroine who finds the love and acceptance she craves in a man who is quite her opposite.   ROPING THE WIND is sure to be a hit with fans of sultry romance.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Scarlet

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