Author: Kelly Jamieson

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: December 18, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: Ebook

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Shock is the only way to describe Shaela’s response to her friend Alek’s request.  She has never cared for the idea of the photographs that he takes of bound women, but he is her friend and he is in a pinch.  It is with great reluctance that she agrees to be his model for the book he is writing on Shibari.

Alek has always been physically attracted to Shaela, but he doesn’t want to mess up their friendship.  In order to save his book, he needs her help, knowing how beautiful she would be in his ropes.  Alek knows this is the only way he will ever be allowed to tie her up, or so he thinks.


The first night at the studio, Shaela arrives and is nervous enough about the whole thing.  It is all she can do not to turn and run when she realizes Alek has an assistant there with him.  The idea of getting naked in front of her best friend was startling enough, but a perfect stranger?  Not wanting to let Alek down, she manages to do it.


Shaela begins to feel things she never dreamed of as Alek ties her up, the tight ropes feeling like an erotic hug.  She slips into sub-space, barely aware of what Alek and Marco are doing, and before she is aware of anything, the photo shoot is done.  Alek, on the other hand, is extremely turned on by both the sight of his beautiful friend in his ropes and her response.  He realizes immediately that she is a natural submissive, even if she refuses to admit it.


As the nights pass, Shaela not only discovers the joy of being bound, but also freedom from her mundane life as the stresses of her day fall away.


Alek pushes her away the night Shaela realizes she is in love with him.  He is in denial about his love for Shaela.  After all, the last time he fell in love, his girlfriend tore him to shreds when he asked if he could tie her up.


RIGGER is an emotional roller coaster that you won’t want to leave.  Heat rises from the pages every time Shaela and Alek are together.  You won’t want to miss this hot story.




By Romance Junkies Reviewer: CinLee

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