Rescue Me

Author: Cherry Adair, Lora Leigh, Cindy Gerard

Publisher: St. Martin's

Release Date: June 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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TROPICAL HEAT by Cherry Adair


Unwittingly kidnapped by terrorists, Dr. Elizabeth Goodall is being held at knifepoint and informed that she is going to reconstruct the face of one of the most wanted men in the world.  Being a doctor has its perks, but this isn’t one of them, especially since Beth is not the world renowned plastic surgeon the criminal thinks she is.  Biding her time before she has to perform surgery, Beth convinces her captors to allow her to rest.  As she frantically tries to find a way out, rescue comes in the form of Sam Pelton, a counterterrorist operative.  He also happens to be the man in love with her.

TROPICAL HEAT by Cherry Adair starts this enticing anthology with a bang.  Sam has been in love with Beth ever since he first laid eyes on her, but his honor would not let him hurt Beth’s marriage by revealing his desires.  Now, when she and her husband have gone their separate ways, Beth is taken from Sam before he can act on his suppressed feelings.  Acting as the extremely well trained killer he is, Sam is going to get his woman back. 


ATLANTA HEAT by Lora Leigh


Emerson Delaney is the type of woman to get under a man’s skin – or as Macey March desires, just simply under him.  Desire is a vastly underrated word when it comes to what Macey feels for Ms. Delaney.  However, having been threatened by his superior and holding the demotion papers to prove it, Macey knows that Emerson is off limits.  That is, until he receives a midnight phone call informing him that Emerson has been kidnapped.  All bets are off with this Navy SEAL, and it is his job to get Emerson back.  Macey knows that once he rescues her, he will never let her be taken from him again. 


Lora Leigh’s contribution, ATLANTA HEAT, is flat out scorching.  The chemistry between Emerson and Macey is instantaneous and as such kept me glued to the pages.  Macey knew that Emerson was going to be the one woman to bring him to his knees and the fact that he welcomed this made me love him all the more.  As for Emerson Delaney?  Every girl needs a best friend like Emerson.  I can only imagine the trouble she can get into when she is not with Macey.  Charismatic, flirtatious, and innocently tempting, Emerson took great pleasure in keeping her man on his toes.  When he fell, he fell right into her arms – just where she wanted him to be.


DESERT HEAT by Cindy Gerard


Elena Martinez is an assistant district attorney and her nemesis, the man she butts heads with in court, Seth King, is a detective.  More than once sparks have flown in the courtroom because of their different personalities.  Imagine their surprise when they are teamed up in a charity scavenger hunt in the Grand Canyon.  It seems that for all their bluster and blunder around each other, they are more in tuned with each other than either of them expected.  When two crazed killers come after them with murder on their minds, Elena and Seth rely on more than their training; they rely on each other – with sizzling results.


DESERT HEAT is the third contribution to the RESCUE ME anthology and as such nicely sets the tone for the reader to be satisfied at the book’s end.  Elena and Seth were oil and water – but, mix up what is normal for them and add a bit of suspense and danger, and the results were an alluring and highly charged read.  Seth was dreamy and resourceful and I loved his irreverence when trying to entice Elena.  She gave as well as she got and when the smoke cleared, what Elena got was the love of her life. 


When three of the best authors I have ever read team up to write a common themed anthology, I can’t help but hope that all three of their contributions would be installments that I’d enjoy.  With RESCUE ME, my worries were for naught.  Each installment, while having a common theme, carried its own weight and as such, was magnificent in its own right.  TROPICAL HEAT by Cherry Adair kept me on my toes with hot, fast paced action and a hero worthy of cover model status.  DESERT HEAT, Cindy Gerard’s contribution, while full of intense drama, made me smile more than once while reading the banter between Seth and Elena.  Then you have ATLANTA HEAT by Lora Leigh.  This was the middle novella in RESCUE ME but it is by no means ‘middle of the road’.  The first scene grabbed me and I was held spellbound the entire book.  Macey’s bad boy looks and Emerson’s delightful and curious nature drew me in and I found their romance breathtaking and beautiful.  The heat and passion between Macey and Emerson made me blush one minute and laugh the next.  I couldn’t get enough of these two characters and was actually sad to see their story end.


RESCUE ME is an anthology to be savored and read over and over.  Emotionally charged and highly powerful at times, RESCUE ME combines three talented authors and comes up a winner.  No matter which author is your favorite, this anthology is a decadent and romantic read and a worthy addition to any keeper shelf. 



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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