Author: Saskia Walker

Publisher: Berkley Heat

Release Date: July 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Katrina Hammond’s life is staid and somewhat predictable.  Throwing caution – and boredom – to the wayside, she decides that she wants to be reckless.  The opportunity for this change of heart presents itself in the form of Sergio Teodora, a Spanish businessman who hires Katrina to price his father’s art collection.

Dark, desirable, and handsome, Sergio maintains complete control at all times. Convincing Katrina to come to his villa in Spain to price an art collection of his father’s is fairly simple.  Or so he thinks.  It seems that Sergio has underestimated the interference of his brother Nicolas.


Nicolas, the disinherited black sheep of the Teodora family, must depend on secret phone calls from staff members to keep him informed of the happenings in his family.  Receiving a frantic phone call from his father’s housekeeper concerning an art collection has Nicolas making plans.  The first thing he needs to accomplish?  Meeting and evaluating Katrina Hammond.


Katrina is thrilled to be in Spain.  Carefree and excited, she looks forward to seeing Sergio again.  That withstanding, she isn’t above having a good time with the playful holiday party participant dressed as a demon.  Things come to a head when Nicolas reveals himself and Katrina quickly finds herself torn between two lovers as well as brothers. 


RECKLESS is unique and unlike any romance I have ever read.  Fully expecting champagne and roses and instances of erotic naughtiness, I was pleasantly surprised to become immersed in a dark, compelling read teeming with sibling rivalry.  Sergio is the brother in control and his desire to possess Katrina borders on obsessive.  He needs her for his agenda.  Nicolas’ desire for Katrina, however, is not agenda driven.  What starts out as a way to get back at his older brother turns into so much more as each love scene with Katrina unfolds.  Saskia Walker is a genius; the turn of events in RECKLESS shocked me completely. 


Arousing, enigmatic and gripping, RECKLESS is on my ‘highly recommended’ list.  If a dark romance with many suspenseful, surprising, and erotic moments is what you crave, then RECKLESS is the book for you!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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