Rancher to the Rescue

Author: Jennifer Faye

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: July 1, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5


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Cash Sullivan, former rodeo champion, agrees to take his grandmother to a wedding but regrets his kindness when the bride-to-be runs, then decides to hide in his truck to escape reporters.  Unwilling to let her fall victim to the paparazzi, Cash agrees to drive the bride away from her wedding mayhem.

Meghan "Meg" Finnegan, Jiffy Cook TV personality, runs from her celebrity style wedding and her family, embarrassed that her fiancĂ© called their wedding quits when he found out she was pregnant with his child.  Meg agreed to no children when they made plans to marry but this pregnancy wasn't planned and she had thought Harold would support her.  She couldn't have been more wrong.

Pregnant and running from the press, Meg accepts Cash and his grandmother's offer to stay at their ranch.  She really doesn't have any choice, having disappointed her mother; she can't imagine telling her that she's also pregnant with the child of the man who just refused to marry her.  How could she have made so many mistakes?

Meg settles in at the Sullivan ranch, helping Cash's grandmother with the cooking and housekeeping.  Gram guesses that Meg is pregnant right away but keeps her secret from Cash.  Meg and Cash can't deny their attraction to one another but will their complicated pasts and the secrets neither of them feel open enough to share cause a rift between them that can never be breached?

RANCHER TO THE RESCUE is a cute love story between two individuals who deserve more than they've experienced in their pasts.  Forced together by circumstance, Meg and Cash start out as good friends and slowly develop a mutual respect for one another.  My favorite part of this book is Meg's escape from the paparazzi with Cash's help.  The poor man was a goner as soon as Meg jumped into his truck.  Those who love sweet love stories will take pleasure in this charming ranching escape.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dorine Linnen

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