Private Acts

Author: Delaney Diamond

Publisher: Amira Press

Release Date: February 10, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: EBOOK

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While working in Ecuador, Samirah Jamison has vowed to stay focused, meaning no men allowed.  But temptation has never been as hard to resist as when it is in the form of hard-bodied artist Miguel Delgado…especially when the sexy-as-sin sculptor seems determined to pursue Samirah at every turn.  What harm can there be in a little fling?  Plenty, Samirah fears, if her heart becomes involved.

Author Delaney Diamond turns up the heat in PRIVATE ACTS.  I definitely added Cuenca, Ecuador to my list of places I want to visit after reading this book.  As for the story’s protagonists, Samirah has a bright, open personality that draws people to her, readers included.  It’s easy to see why Miguel falls hard and fast for her.  It’s equally easy to see why Miguel, with his talented hands, makes Samirah want to break her personal “no men” rule.  The sexual tension that brews between them makes the first part of PRIVATE ACTS a lot of fun.  That being said, I did have a bit of a problem with Miguel’s attitude change approximately halfway through the story.  He goes from being dominant to being all-out overbearing when it comes to Samirah, particularly when he’s determined to “teach her a lesson.”  For me, a major chunk of his sex appeal disappeared when Miguel became too controlling.  That being said, Ms. Diamond does a pretty good job of redeeming him at the end of PRIVATE ACTS.  There’s a scene in the last chapter that definitely went a long way in making me like Miguel again.

PRIVATE ACTS is the third HOT LATIN MEN book, but not having read THE ARRANGEMENT or FIGHT FOR LOVE, I can safely say that PRIVATE ACTS reads well as a standalone.  I was intrigued, however, by the teasing hints Ms. Diamond gave regarding Samirah’s sister and brother-in-law’s story, FIGHT FOR LOVE.  Given that I liked PRIVATE ACTS overall, I’ll most likely be checking out the other HOT LATIN MEN books.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lily

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