Passion, Purity and the Prince

Author: Annie West

Publisher: Mills & Boon

Release Date: UK – September 2010, Australia/New Zealand – October 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Tamsin Connors has spent weeks working at the Ruvingian royal archives cataloging and assessing for conservation the various documents and books.  She’s discovered something that could potentially alter the future of Maritz and change Prince Alaric’s future forever.  Thus far Tamsin hasn’t even met Prince Alaric but when she goes to him with her stunning revelation she discovers he’s much more interested in her than he is in her findings.



Prince Alaric of Ruvingia comes by his playboy reputation honestly.  Women generally line up to share his bed so you can imagine his surprise at his intense attraction to Tamsin, a woman who’s more interested in dusty tomes than him.  The only thing that detracts from her appeal is the knowledge she has that might push him into a position he doesn’t want. 


Prince Alaric isn’t interested in ruling the entire country of Maritz.  As far as he’s concerned his cousin deserves that honor.  The last thing he wants to hear is that paperwork has been found that could make him King.  Alaric already lives with the memory of all the times he’s failed to protect loved ones and men who trusted him to lead them.  Tamsin’s revelation strikes fear into his heart but it’s tempered by a slow burning desire for the archivist who tries so hard to hide her appeal.  There’s only one thing to do – seduce her and ensure that the secret revealed in those papers stays closely guarded.  Tamsin isn’t like any woman he knows and it’s going to take more than his charm or heart stopping smile to get her to spend time with him.  Neither Alaric nor Tamsin is looking for a happily-ever-after but there’s no denying their passionate longing for each other either. 


PASSION, PURITY AND THE PRINCE drew me in from the very first scene.  Even before Tamsin reveals to Prince Alaric that he could possibly (if the papers are proven authentic) be King there’s an undeniable attraction between them.  Annie West seems to effortlessly blend heartbreak, betrayal, innocence, love and plenty of unmitigated passion into this story and the results are nothing short of delightful.  Tamsin and Prince Alaric share a stunning lack of self confidence due to events in their pasts but throughout this story readers will get to witness them face their fears and grow from the experience.  There’s no denying that this story is full of sexual tension practically right from page one but there’s a real connection between the characters which brings the tale to life.  Annie West has once again proven herself to be an author you’ll want to add to your ‘must watch’ list.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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