Only Pleasure

Author: Lora Leigh

Publisher: St. Martin's

Release Date: January 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Kia Stanton has spent the last couple years of her life trying to overcome the stigma forced upon her when she trusted the wrong person about her knowledge of ‘The Club’.  After suffering an almost rape at the hands of her husband, Kia knows that she shouldn’t have mentioned anything about the club but will do her best to cover up her blunder, as promised to a certain twin investigator.  He in turn will make sure that her husband never tries to touch her again.  True to his word, Kia is now divorced.  However, loneliness eats at her.  The endless process of society parties and dancing can’t tame the wildness that courses through Kia every time she sees the man that came to her rescue two years ago, Chase Falladay.  His dark hair and green eyes promise so much pleasure, and Kia grabs on to that promise with both hands, never realizing that the man she used to hate has become the man she trusts to give her pleasure unlike any she has ever known. 

Chase Falladay watches Kia Stanton as she struggles to make a life for herself.  More and more he is troubled as he watches the toll it is taking on her.  When they meet up by chance in a bar, he offers her the one thing he does best – give pleasure.  Promising her ONLY PLEASURE, Chase and his third, in perfect rhythm, show Kia just how wanton she can be.  When the night is over, and dawn turns to day, Chase is torn.  What began innocently as a one night stand has taken new meaning.  Kia Stanton is in his blood and before he realizes it, she is in his heart as well.  While he and Kia agreed that their relationship was only about the pleasure, Chase finds himself thinking of more – he finds himself thinking about forever.


ONLY PLEASURE is the most gripping Bound Hearts novel to date. Sensing the fragility of Kia with the first scene, I loved watching her evolve into a woman who knows what she wants, accepts what she wants, and is not afraid to take what she wants.  Kia wants Chase Falladay.  She knows his stipulations, and she gladly accepts the pleasure he offers.  Is that enough for her? No, not really.  Is she willing to stick around long enough to see where their feelings stand with each other? Yes, she is.  By the books end, nothing is more important to Kia than Chase. Full of forgiveness for a harm done to her, Kia stands out in my mind as one of Ms. Leigh’s strongest and best written heroines. 


Chase Falladay – just the name makes me shiver.  I loved every inch of this enigmatic man.  His yearning for Kia lasted years – years in which he could do nothing but watch her with her now ex-husband.  Knowing that one day she would be his, Chase bided his time for the chance to finally stake his claim.  A most worthy hero, Chase has a steadfast loyalty and love – although he tried to deny the last – toward Kia which just made him sexier in my eyes.  While he doesn’t treat her with kid gloves, he treats her respectfully and his touches were just a fraction of the sensuality this man contains.


The sensuality and eroticism of ONLY PLEASURE is over-the-top hot and craftily written.  I must warn you that this book is realistic to the point of making me sweat.  And I mean that in a really, REALLY good way!  So ladies, grab a long cool drink before you begin the first page and get ready to luxuriate in the overall experience of reading this highly emotional, insanely scorching, and truly outstanding novel.  ONLY PLEASURE releases from St. Martin’s in January 2009. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natalie

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