His to Command #6: The Surrender

Author: Opal Carew

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Release Date: February 5, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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With Ileana’s untimely intrusion and more lies compounding the trouble between Matt and Kate it’s time for him to come clean.  Oh there’s far more than just the play party fiasco and two years of separation between them.  Matt did something he feels is unforgiveable and therein lies his reasoning for not considering a permanent relationship with Kate. 

He tells Kate all about his short intimate relationship with Ileana.  His devastation over Kate’s refusal to answer his calls or see him resulted in Ileana managing to worm herself into his arms and bed.  Fortunately he quickly realized how manipulative and ambitious Ileana is and stopped seeing her, but he still continued to keep her on as the contact between the law firm and his company.  Of course, since he’s rekindled his relationship with Kate and learned the truth about what happened he’s severed all ties with Ileana which resulted in her being fired. 


During the course of Kate and Matt’s conversation he admits that he loves her … but he has more to confess.  Kate doesn’t want to hear anything more.  She’s convinced that nothing else matters.  His love is all she really wants, right?  Just wait until she learns about the part Matt played in destroying her business reputation in New York thus forcing her to seek a new life elsewhere.


I have to confess that I love HIS TO COMMAND as a whole but THE SURRENDER is definitely my favorite part of the serial book.  Even though Kate is hurt by Matt’s confession she discovers an inner strength that she might have never known she possessed before.  At the same time, Matt’s subjected to a bit of the hell he’s dished out and in an odd way earns redemption.  The sexual intensity is still present throughout this story but there’s an overshadowing emotional angst that really pulls at the reader’s heartstrings and makes you keep rooting for Matt and Kate to put their relationship back together even when it looks like it’s falling apart again.  What I especially love about THE SURRENDER is Kate’s sudden insight into who she is, what she’s capable of and the simple fact that she is no doormat.  She loves Matt but he’s going to pay for his betrayal in a way he’ll never forget. 


HIS TO COMMAND consists of a series of stories that build on each other so for your convenience, here’s a list of the titles in order:









By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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