Nauti Dreams

Author: Lora Leigh

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: August 5, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Years ago, bad boy Natches Mackay lost his heart in the Iraqi desert.  On a rescue and retrieve mission, Natches came face to face with Chaya Dane, a woman who held secrets that her captors wanted. Secrets she refused to reveal.  After instantly losing his heart to the courageous woman, Natches was dismayed to discover that with the light of dawn she had slipped right through his fingers and out of his life.  Now, years later, Chaya is back.  While her presence in the ex-marine’s hometown investigating a prior mission seems innocent enough, Natches knows better.  In his mind, it is only a matter of time before Chaya is once again in his life – where he plans to keep her forever.

In that stolen moment of time, Chaya Dane lost her heart in the Iraqi desert.  Flooded with the type of pain almost impossible for the human soul to bear, Chaya turned to the man that rescued her from certain death.  For one brief moment Natches was the comfort she so desperately needed.  Though time has passed, Chaya is certain that her day of reckoning has come when she returns to Natches’ hometown to investigate illegal activities.  Scared of her enduring feelings for the naughty Natches, Chaya fights him every step of the way.  Or at least she tries to, but Natches is determined to hold onto her this time – or die trying.


Natches and Chaya agree to work together to unearth the criminal element that has taken a foothold in his town.  All inquiries lead to one person – and that person hates Natches Mackay and is willing to do anything to make Natches’ life not worth living. 


I have been anticipating Natches’ story, NAUTI DREAMS, ever since he made his presence known in NAUTI BOY, Rowdy’s story.  I fell in love with his quick smile and his wicked personality and I found myself mesmerized by his veiled vulnerability.  Deep down Natches ached.  He ached for Chaya, the one woman that made him whole.  Refusing to let her build walls between them, Natches single handedly turned the tables on every defense mechanism Chaya had and turned her reluctance and fears into the love of a lifetime.  From his naughty good looks to his sensuous ability to make even a lady of the evening blush, Natches Mackay lives up to his name.  He is quite simply a naughty dream of a man and Chaya is one lucky woman.


Lora Leigh lived up to her reputation as the ‘Mistress of Seduction’ because NAUTI DREAMS was so hot that one match would have been enough to make me erupt into flames.  Romance played a huge part in NAUTI DREAMS and I found myself in awe at how romantic, yet forceful, Natches was.  Nothing was going to deter this Mackay from his mission and when the smoke cleared Chaya was well and truly caught – Natches Mackay style.


My favorite Nauti installment to date, NAUTI DREAMS is powerful and compelling.  I have yet to fall out of love with Natches; however, the next installment of this great series, NAUTI INTENTIONS, just might give Natches a run for his money.  It is the story of Alex Jansen and Janey Mackay and promises to be just as naughty as the rest!



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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