Melt With You

Author: Alison Tyler

Publisher: Cheek Books

Release Date: April 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Dori is a sexy, sophisticated New York makeup artist. When her old high school organizes a twentieth reunion, she's reluctant to take time out of her busy schedule to attend. But her girlfriends convince her it's just the boost she needs after breaking up with her fiancé. More importantly, shortly before the reunion, Dori receives a couple of casual emails from her first love, Rowan. Back in the 1980's, the two had been inseparable, spending their weekends making out while watching "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" at the local movie theatre. After the ugly ending to her most recent relationship, Dori tries not to be too optimistic about reconnecting with Rowan, but she can't help herself. When he doesn't show, she gets drunk and has angry revenge sex with a guy who was the high school heartthrob.

Growing up in what would become known as Silicon Valley, Rowan was a talented student. Now a handsome, successful engineer, he hopes to win Dori back by using his scientific genius to send them on a romantic trip to the 1980's. But when he arrives late to their reunion and discovers she's already bedded another guy, Rowan's bitter and wants to punish her. He sends Dori back in time without explaining what he's doing or identifying himself – and then he watches from the sidelines, certain she's going to panic and be in dire need of rescuing from him.

Rowan soon realizes he's underestimated his high school sweetheart, though. As a grown woman, Dori is bold and adventurous. She quickly resigns herself to her bizarre fate and creates a new life, getting a job – and an intense new lover – within days of her arrival in the past. Will Rowan be able to compete with the kinky pleasures offered by Van, Dori's luscious new boy toy? And will Dori forgive Rowan when she learns what he's done?

The time travel plot of MELT WITH YOU is great fun and would make a fine non-erotic story on its own. I loved being reminded of a time when Jon Bon Jovi had big hair, Bono was just a hyperactive New Wave singer and fingerless gloves were the height of fashion. Of course, this being an Alison Tyler novel, you know it's going to be sex-drenched and slightly kinky – and she definitely doesn't disappoint on that score. Dori is a sassy, smart heroine and her lovers deliver the goods when it comes to frequent, steamy sex. Reading MELT WITH YOU will make you want to do The Timewarp again – preferably with partners as yummy as Rowan and Van.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lynn Reynolds

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