Lust on the Rocks

Author: Dianne Venetta

Publisher: BloominThyme Press

Release Date: October 8, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: EBOOK

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Attorney Samantha Rawlings knows that winning her current case will be the thing that gets her the coveted promotion to partner.  But when her boss asks that she bring hotshot young lawyer Victor Marin in on the case, Sam is thrown for a loop.  Vic is distracting…in more ways than one.  His sex appeal sends Sam reeling, and his almost single-minded focus on their current case makes Sam question his motives.  It looks like Vic has a personal vendetta against the defendant.  What will happen when Sam finds out that – when it comes to this case – appearances aren’t deceiving?

A sensual, career-minded lawyer meets her match in her sexy, vengeance-driven co-worker in the aptly-titled LUST ON THE ROCKS.  Author Dianne Venetta wasn’t afraid to let her hero and heroine butt heads – on more than one front – and the sparks that flew as a result brought life to LUST ON THE ROCKS.  I enjoyed watching Sam and Vic argue and compromise, push and defend, give and take.  They’re so similar and yet so different in character that I felt I got to know them as they worked out their differences.  I liked that Ms. Venetta really let me get to know Sam and Vic, both their strengths and their flaws; that stayed with me even more than the spicy love scenes of LUST ON THE ROCKS.

Though Sam, Vic and their current case is at the center of LUST ON THE ROCKS, there is a significant subplot involving Sam’s pregnant college-aged sister.  Again, I appreciated the fact that Ms. Venetta had her characters examine all sides of a problem, but in the pro-choice, pro-life debate contained in LUST ON THE ROCKS, the pro-life language used got a bit heavy-handed for my personal comfort.  Given that this is a sensitive subject for many readers, I felt like this needed to be mentioned.

LUST ON THE ROCKS has all the sultriness of its Florida setting.  Readers looking for a sensual read with strong-willed, three-dimensional characters will undoubtedly enjoy LUST ON THE ROCKS.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lily

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