Love is Blind

Author: Claudia Lakestone

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Release Date: 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: Ebook

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At nineteen, Michelle never dreamed that she would be spending her summer serving community service at a local hospital.  She was counting down the hours until it would end and it would be time for her to register for college.

A year ago, Chris was blinded in a car accident.  He was in the hospital undergoing another procedure that he hoped would restore his sight.  One afternoon when his dinner tray was brought he started a conversation with his “nurse”.

Michelle wasn’t aware the patient she had brought his tray to was awake.  With the bandages that covered his eyes, it was difficult to distinguish if he was awake or asleep.  His quick wit and humor had her quickly warming up to him.  Usually, she was shy around strangers, for they judged her by her appearance; on her face she had a distinguished birthmark.

Chris and Michelle became friends, and the two of them looked forward to spending time with each other after Michelle’s shift ended.   When the day came when Michelle found Chris’s room empty, she learned that he had been discharged.  With a sense of loss she feared they would never see each other again.  When a nurse gives her a note he had left for her she finds his phone number.

Michelle questions if Chris and her can have a relationship.  Will she be brave enough to give him a call to see if their feelings extend outside the confines of the hospital?  Will she risk the possibility that her fairy tale romance will come to an end if Chris were ever to get his sight back?

LOVE IS BLIND is an exceptional, emotional, escapade of the perfect romance.  Michelle and Chris are two wounded souls who have experienced the worse that life has to offer.  It is only when they find one another they gain a sense of healing in each other arms.  Ms. Lakestone did an outstanding job in creating characters who have the ability to jump off the pages and land straight into your heart.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Suzie Housley

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