Long Way from Eden

Author: Jana Richards

Publisher: Uncial Press

Release Date: 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Meg Evans leads a simple life with a few close friends and her son, Tom, but she’s got a deep dark secret that she’s never shared with any of them.  So far she’s had no trouble keeping her past from rearing its ugly head but when she receives an unexpected visit at work and stunning news it sends her into an emotional tailspin.  The words “your son got my daughter pregnant” are the last thing Meg expects to hear, but forcing the college students to marry is not something she’ll do.

Zane Martin grew up without a father, he doesn’t even know who his father is and there’s no way he wants his grandchild growing up with the stigma he did.  He fully expected Tom’s mother to agree with his dictate that the ‘kids’ marry so he’s stunned when she says that she’ll make sure that Tom takes responsibility for his actions but no way would they be forced into marriage.


Meg and Zane butt heads right from the moment they meet.  They both have valid reasons for their feelings about Tom and Erin’s predicament and neither of them is truly ready to sit down and discuss the situation reasonably.  Zane’s determination to bring everyone around to his way of thinking creates several problems and emotional turmoil but he’s forced to realize that his concerns are because of his feelings regarding his own upbringing and maybe it’s time he got answers to the lingering questions about his parentage.  Meg would have happily left everything exactly as it is but Tom has questions about his father that he’d like answered and Meg’s faced with having her deceptions and lies revealed.  Despite Meg and Zane’s differing views on the situation, they can’t deny that there’s an attraction between them and it’s only growing stronger as they join forces in supporting Tom and Erin’s decisions regarding their future.


Jana Richards takes readers on an emotional journey with her novel LONG WAY FROM EDEN.  In addition to the difficulties of their children’s unplanned pregnancy, Meg and Zane have their own private issues they’re forced to face – and the results of their efforts are surprising.  I really enjoyed the interaction between Meg, Zane, Tom and Erin.  In a way they all support each other through their individual situations and get through problems that would be incredibly difficult to face alone.  Meg and Zane’s romance is realistic and touching and I loved that I was never quite sure what would happen next between them.  LONG WAY FROM EDEN is an inspiring story for anyone facing hardships in life and gives you hope that everything really will turn out alright in the end.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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