Last Chance Reunion

Author: Linda Conrad

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: August 6, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: PRINT

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Texas Cold Case

Six months ago, in a sting operation gone wrong, Colt Chance, an attorney for the justice department, is shot in the back. Blaming himself for his momentary inattention during a major sting operation, Colt also is suspended from his job, so he returns to his hometown to recuperate and hopefully, to solve the long held mystery behind his mother’s death. At the time, the local sheriff had performed a shoddy investigation and eventually, Chance’s father had gone to prison for his wife’s death…a verdict neither Chance nor his brothers agree with. Sneaking into the sheriff’s office to look at the old files, Chance is caught by the last person he expects to see working for the sheriff…the one love of his life, Lacie.

Lacie has hated her stepfather, the sheriff, for most of her life. During Lacie’s teen years, Chance had been her hero, her saving grace. But circumstances right after her graduation had forced her to leave town without saying goodbye. She had gone to work for the police department in Houston, but now back in Chance; she is ready to settle an old score as she works as a deputy for her dreaded stepfather. After discovering what Colt is up to, Lacie joins him to find out what really happened to his mother…an investigation that turns up the heat between Colt and Lacie. But not everyone wants that information disclosed and things soon turn deadly. Will they find the culprit before anyone else dies? All that Colt wants is to find his mother’s killer, clear his father’s name and get out of Chance once and for all. Can Lacie change his mind about their hometown, or will she lose the man she loves for the second time?

An exciting tale, TEXAS COLD CASE is a sexy, intriguing contemporary romantic suspense that leaves the reader wanting more. But never fear, for TEXAS LOST AND FOUND, also included in this book, picks up where this story leaves off with the second part of the mystery that the Chance family has been trying to solve ever since the first tragedy struck their family. TEXAS COLD CASE is a great story on its own, but coupling it with TEXAS LOST AND FOUND ups the ante.

Texas Lost and Found

When Nina Martinez, a firefighter on one of the Interagency Hotshot Crews, was four, her parents died and her drug addict aunt had taken her away from her brothers. But Nina has few memories of those days when she had been known as Cami. Due to fears instilled in her during childhood, Nina has steered clear of Texas.  But when her team is called in to help the Texas firefighters fight a raging fire, she has to go. Separated from her team and seeking a way to join back up with them, Nina notices a house in the direct route of the reigniting blaze. But before she can get to the two people standing outside of the barn, the man hits the woman and kills her. Seeing Nina, he takes off. Giving chase, Nina cannot believe her eyes when she sees a fire tornado headed right at her, too late to get out of its way.

Josh ‘Doc’ White, the medic at the fire station, has wanted to get close to Nina, but she won’t let anyone in. Hearing her phone call requesting help, Josh heads to her last known coordinates and searches for her. Finally finding her and seeing that she is barely alive, Josh rushes her in his helicopter to the hospital. But the killer is aware that Nina saw him and will do whatever is necessary to keep her quiet. Realizing the danger that surrounds Nina, Josh helps her leave the hospital in the dead of the night, but they are being watched. All Nina wants is to get out of Texas and return to California, but Josh figures they will be safer in Texas. Besides, he has discovered some things about her background, but because of her fear of her unknown past, he keeps it to himself for the time being. Will she forgive him for keeping her past a secret, or will he lose the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with?

TEXAS LOST AND FOUND finally solves the mystery behind what happened to the long missing Chance daughter. Nina’s present day life and the events leading up to her discovery by the family were woven together beautifully, bringing the family together for the first time since they were children. Josh and Nina are a great couple, each with their own vulnerabilities, but this only makes them more realistic. I could not help rooting for them.

In LAST CHANCE REUNION, Ms. Conrad sweeps readers up into the two suspense-filled stories, bringing them to life for her readers as she successfully culminates this fast-paced, steamy hot CHANCE, TEXAS series. Packed with wonderful characters, scorching sensuality, humor, mystery, clever dialogue, danger, healing, tender romance and true love, this story is unforgettable. As a longtime fan of Ms. Conrad’s work, I hated to see this series end. Still I look forward to seeing what this gifted author comes up with next. If you enjoy great stories, filled with plenty of heat, humor and suspense, pick up a copy of LAST CHANCE REUNION. While you are at it, why not pick up the rest of the books in this series. I am sure you will be glad you did!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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