Book Two, Solomon's Gate, Kylie's Kiss

Author: Delia Latham

Publisher: White Rose Publishing

Release Date: April 29, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Kylie Matthews has always lived in the shadows of her mother's and sister
Shay's beauty.  With her mother being a former beauty queen, and her sister now a famous actor, Kylie felt like she was the ugly duckling of the family.

When a friend dares Kylie to try out a new Christian dating agency called Solomon's Gate she figures she hasn't anything to lose.  On her way to her dating agency interview, Kylie finds she is running late and decides to push her speed; the result is a minor fender bender.  The person she hits is a handsome man, but he is irritated with her shallow excuse of why she hit him.  The two of them quickly exchange insurance information and go their separate way.


The owner of Solomon's Gate, Destiny Gallagher, takes an immediate interest in Kylie.  Within days of their first meeting, she arranges for Kylie to have her first date.  Kylie finds that she is nervous upon meeting her blind date but she knows that this is just the first step she needs to take to find that perfect man who will offer her a kiss that will steal her breath away.


Kylie is shocked to see who her date turns out to be, as it is the same person she rear ended the day she was late for her dating agency interview, Rick Dale.  Rick turns out to be everything that Kylie has been searching for in a man.  The two of them experience an immediate attraction to one another and schedule another date. 


When Rick reveals that he has a six year old daughter, he is puzzled at Kylie's reaction to Lea's facial disfigurement.  Kylie has always has had a phobia when it came to seeing someone with any type of facial disfigurement.  She knows if Rick and she are ever to have a future together, she will have to get over her phobia and be able to accept Rick's daughter with loving arms.  Kylie asks God to step in and cure her of her sickness; will He answer her prayer?


KYLIE'S KISS is an award winning novel!  It is filled with pages of tug at your heart scenes.  Rick, Kylie, and Lea are characters that have all experienced some of life's greatest hardships.  How they overcome their obstacles and went on with their lives is heartwarming.  I highly recommend KYLIE's KISS to anyone who appreciates an author who knows how to create characters that you are assured to fall in love with; this book touched me in ways I never knew possible.


Note:  KYLIE'S KISS is the second book in the Solomon's Gate series.  The other titles include:


  •  DESTINY'S KISS - Book One
  •  GYPSY'S GAME - Book Three

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Suzie Housley

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