Costume Ball

Author: Kelli Scott

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: September 28, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Jennifer Goodwin has retreated from life following a traumatic car accident.  With the exception of her charity work and her family she now lives a solitary existence.  She’s even gone so far as to dump the Marine pen pal she’s become obsessed over.  All her romantic fantasies revolve around Gage even though she’s never met him in real life, but with a horrible scar marring her face she doesn’t believe he’d really want her… even worse, he’d stay with her out of pity.

Gage Brewer is no stranger to tactical warfare and just because he’s on leave and in civilian territory doesn’t mean the battle doesn’t exist.  This battle is on a far more personal level – it’s all about conquering the woman who charmed him with her care packages, letters and emails.  Jenny doesn’t know it, but Gage isn’t a man to be taken lightly and he’s not afraid to go after what he wants – and he desperately wants Jenny.


If it wasn’t for the Goodwin’s legacy of charity work and her mother’s involvement with the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Masquerade Ball Jenny wouldn’t even attend the event but at least she’s able to wear a mask to hide her face from the morbidly curious.  While her sister admonishes her to have a good time, get drunk, flirt and get laid, Jenny doesn’t believe she can do any such thing – that is until she’s approached by a man in a Navy uniform.  The sailor is handsome but Jenny can’t help but feel like she’s being disloyal to Gage, despite the fact that she dumped him.  Everything about this man feels so familiar and she soon discovers why, but isn’t sure how to feel about the fact that Gage is really here and wants her.  Of course he hasn’t seen her face yet since she hasn’t taken off the mask, but maybe that can work in her favor.  She can indulge in her desire for Gage without revealing her scar; she just hadn’t counted on Gage being so persistent in his pursuit of her – in and out of the bedroom.


Kelli Scott’s COSTUME BALL is a quick read full of sexual tension, confusion and one super persistent Marine.  Jenny’s self-pity and insecurity is understandable but by behaving as if she’s not good enough anymore because of a facial scar she’s throwing away her chance at happiness.  Fortunately Gage is stubborn to the core and demands answers – and won’t allow her to sink into depression or lock herself away.  I love Gage!  He’s strong, smart, bold, daring and sexy as hell.  Jenny simply irritated me because she’s so fixated on her imperfection.   I think the best thing about this couple is they’re positively explosive in bed.  The love between them is evident in how they seem to mesh together – even if they’re still wearing masks.  COSTUME BALL is a story that intrigued me and I’d be curious about what happens with this couple later on. 


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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