Jacob's Return
By Dottie
Mar 17, 2012 - 7:39:07 PM

After losing his mother and discovering that Rachel, the woman he loved, was marrying his brother Simon, Jacob Sauder left the Amish home where he had been raised. Going out into the world, which was becoming English as far as his people were concerned, he met Miriam. But he left her as he traveled from job to job. When he returned much later, he discovered that Miriam had been pregnant and died bringing his twins into the world. His children had been left with her friend, who turned the twins over to him with a note from Miriam. Wanting to make a good home for his children, he decided to return to his Amish roots. However, on the day that he returned, his brother Simon was being ordained Deacon. Simon was furious and ordered Jacob to leave. But, for his children’s sakes, he was determined to stay. Seeing Rachel again tore him apart but he knew he would have to get over it. What was supposed to be Simon’s day turned out to be Jacob’s when the Bishop welcomed him back into the fold, much to Simon’s dismay.

It was not until Jacob’s return that Rachel discovered how she and Jacob had been tricked. She had always thought that she and Jacob would marry and spend the rest of their lives together. But Jacob had left, after Simon told him that she was marrying him. That had been a lie. She and Simon had not had a relationship at all at that time. It was over a year later before she had consented to marry Simon out of loneliness. Unfortunately, she and Simon did not have any children and he blamed her. Where Jacob is tender, Simon is violent, but keeps his behavior secret, delighting in his absolute control over his wife. When she was three, she had offered five-year-old Jacob a mudpie. Afterwards, that had been his nickname for her. Still calling her Mudpie, his children had picked it up, shortening it to Pie. With no children of her own to tend, Rachel has been teaching school. Simon has been trying to get her to quit and he is also demanding that she give up the newspaper that she has found joy in printing. But he doesn’t know that she not only plans to keep putting out the paper, she also plans to buy the local printing press. Early in their marriage, she had had hopes that they would come to love each other. But she no longer harbors such hope for the disaster that is her marriage, even though she knows she is bound to him for the rest of her life.

Living in the same house with his father, Simon and Rachel was not easy and Jacob knew he might have to buy a home for himself and the twins, but not too far from his father and Rachel, who loved his children almost as much as he did. In order to help out on the farm, Jacob knows he must find a woman to care for his children. But the children want no one but Rachel. They struggle with their love for each other and the life they have been dealt due to their own past decisions, but these same decisions soon bring about events from which there may be no escape.

A profound tale, JACOB’S RETURN is a contemporary romance that takes hold of your heart and doesn’t let go. Award-winning author Annette Blair displays the characters realistically, complete with all of their flaws and foibles, allowing readers to empathize with them. The love between Jacob and Rachel is palpable, leaping out at you from the printed page. Whether you are a fan of Amish romances or not, this story will be one you won’t soon forget. In this novel, Ms. Blair’s Amish community depicts a strong sense of family spirit. A beautifully written, poignant story, which will leave you almost feeling like you are a part of that close community…or wishing you were. In this story, which was formerly released as THEE, I LOVE, the everyday Amish lifestyle serves as a backdrop for two very different brothers and their contention over one woman. Now available as an audiobook, this story is told in a clear, concise manner and with feeling, bringing it to life as you listen. Brimming with humor, sexual tension, believable characters, domestic abuse, forgiveness, God and pure love, this emotion-packed story will stay in your memory. A definite keeper; you will want to listen to this one more than once. I highly recommend JACOB’S RETURN. It is one of my all-time favorites. Do not miss it!

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