Winter Fire – A Red Hot Winter Story

Author: Jess Dee

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: January 4, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Rachel Ashberg is about to embark on a hellish weekend at a mountain resort.  It’s her best friend and her twin brother’s thirtieth birthday celebration.  She’s definitely looking forward to seeing her friend Jenna but more than a little agitated at the thought of seeing Jenna’s twin brother Jackson.  She’s been in love with him for as long as she can remember but Jackson has a rule against dating his twin sister’s friends – and it might as well be carved in stone because it’s a rule he absolutely will not break.

Rachel is happy that she drove up to the Blue Mountains from Sydney a day early.  It gives her a chance to relax and rewind before Jackson and Jenna as well as the rest of their guests arrive.  While she’s enjoying the warmth of a fire in the hotel lounge when she’s approached by a man intent on seduction.  Garreth Halt is heading back to Canada in a few weeks and isn’t looking for a ‘happily-ever-after,’ just a casual fling would suit him perfectly.  As luck would have it, Rachel isn’t at all opposed to the idea.  Maybe sex with the handsome stranger would tamper the intense desire she harbors for Jackson.  What she doesn’t expect is for Garreth to pick up on her comments and body language when she mentions her friends and through some creative suggestions he ends up bringing Jackson right into bed with them – without the other man even being there.


Jackson has done his best to ignore his desire for Rachel but nothing prepares him for the reality of seeing her with another man.  There is good reason why he doesn’t date his twin sister’s friends but keeping his hands off Rachel is proving to be much harder than he’d ever imagined.  Now thanks to Garreth’s insight and unwanted involvement Jackson is gifted with the opportunity to make fantasy a reality. 


What goes together better than snowy weather, a warm fire and an even hotter man - or two?  In Jess Dee’s WINTER FIRE readers are thrust into the troubling heartache involved with being in love with someone who’s completely off-limits.  Jackson and Rachel have ignored their own mutual desires because of Jackson’s vow to protect his sister due to a long ago incident.  However, all they’re really doing is hurting themselves as their reaction to Garreth’s interference proves.   While Jackson’s protective instincts are commendable, I have to admit I fell in love with Garreth and his blunt honesty and raw sexuality only add to his appeal.  There’s a feeling of sadness about him that draws me to him – especially when he talks about his own hopeless love interest.  WINTER FIRE is a sexy, passionate read that tests the boundaries of friendship and how much you’re willing to sacrifice to protect loved ones.


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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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